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What Requirements Should You Consider When Starting A Blog?

A close friend of mine and a college classmate provided me the following questions when starting a blog.

I had a chat with her in Google Hangout. We talked about our blog and how we could make it better and attract more traffic. As we went on, she provided me list of things to consider when starting a blog. If you answer them with ease, then you have a clear goal in mind on what niche and plan you should take.

1. Why you're excited about your blog? 
If you're excited and eager to share what you know through blogging, despite the situation you may face, whether you have a bad or awesome day, still you'll write. Maybe you have something unique and useful to say that you want the world knows.

2. Who are your target audience? 
It's very important to take this into consideration. Don't target everyone or all people to your blog as right of this moment, I will tell you, it will never succeed. If you're into games, then your target audience are those who enjoy playing games. That's it!

3. How do you identify them?
You can easily tell if a person is into your blog niche/stuff if he/she talks about it often. Also, their Facebook Profile shows (reflects) it by just checking it out (don't be a stalker, my friend. =D).

4. Where do you find them?
There are many ways on where you can find target audience and readers for your blog. One is to find like-minded people who will like, read and support your works. You may start inviting your family and friends to check your site (once implemented) and ask for their opinions. Don't get mad at them and lose confidence in yourself if the comment is not good. Instead, learn from it and consider their suggestions. If you think it's useful to your site, then go ahead and apply it. Another source of audience can be found in forums. Just type the niche of your blog follow by the word 'forum' in Google or Yahoo then bam! You'll automatically have your target audience. Sign-up, communicate and participate in your chosen thread with a goal of helping other people. Don't just promote yourself, instead be a problem-solver while staying there. These are not only the places to look for your potential readers as I'm sure there are many great places to look at.
5. What kind of content do they like?
Try to put yourself in their shoes. What do you think you would like to see and read in a blog? That's what you should think whenever you make a blog post. Also, you can conduct a survey or online poll to know what topic they are interested to. Please remember that as much as possible you write with value. Try to help them in solving a specific problem by showing try and tested solutions.

When you meet all of these then start there and build useful and great content. Don't get to the idea of making money on the web quickly coz ideally, once you gather enough organic traffic coming to your blog or website, then that's the next thing you should put your attention to. Making money while doing things you love is great and self-fulfilling.

Before I end this, the person where I got these ideas and information is no other than Cindy Cortes. She is a fellow blogger like me and as my way of expressing my thanks to her, please check her blog at

Kindly let me know what your thoughts are after wasting a couple of minutes here. I will be glad if you share. Thanks!


  1. Yup. Those are good questions to ask yourself why you should build your own blog. Great list!

    1. Hello,

      I'm glad you agree with me. Blogging is not just a game to play that you will do tomorrow but when you get tired, you will leave it hanging. Thanks again for leaving a comment. :)

  2. Thanks Jet for the link back. I love this entry of yours. Keep it up or should I say keep on blogging buddy!

    1. This entry would not be possible if not of you. I'm glad that you gave these tips to me. Just update me whenever there are useful things about blogging so I can make a new post about it. And of course, link back to your blog, haha! :P

  3. I agree with this!. I am starting my own blog and this list will be helpful on building my blog! thanks!

    1. I'm happy because you join us in the blogging world. Just keep visiting this blog or if you have other related sites like this, please let me know so I can learn and expand my horizon.

      Thanks buddy!

  4. Great article as always! Also, when I was taking my Net Marketing class, there was this one tip my teacher told us that probably, you can apply to your blog (or to anyone's blog for that matter).


    For example, every Monday, you'll blog about tips. On a Wednesday, you'll be posting reviews. On a Friday, you'll talk about current events whatnot. (you get my drift)

    Getting this schedule and instilling it to your readers would compel them to check out your blog routinely, awaiting for your next write up. Compare that to a random visit (just when they feel like it) and somehow, it would be of a little help :3


    1. I think you pointed out what this blog misses out, and that is lacking of consistent post per week. I should learn from the author of Naruto manga as he always delivers us the newest comic every Wednesday.

      Anyway, the example you mentioned is not applicable to my blog since what you can find here are just tips and information about making money online, but only to those blogs which cover a wide/variety of topics. But I got your idea and what you wanted to say. If I want more views and traffic, I should be consistent in my writing. Readers want to see a new entry every week.

      Since I said it, a new post must be published before this week ends. Thanks for that wonderful tip and suggestion, Lexie Seksi!

  5. Very helpful list +Jethro. I think it will greatly help if we also put a greater emphasis on our purpose why we want to blog. Not all bloggers want to make money out of their content; some use blogging as an avenue to relieve stress or just vent, not really caring whether or not people will bumped into their contents and so they just write anything. But then of course there are money making blog (pretty much like yours) that will be targeting specific group of people, and you discussed it very well in this post ;)

    1. Hi Sir Rambo,

      I think what you said in your comment is correct. Not everyone wants to earn money through blogging but they just want to express their thoughts and do not mind if someone is visiting or reading their work.

      Basically, the idea of blogging came from a traditional diary ("dear diary") that we had in the old days wherein people write in their personal diary.

      Thanks for pointing that out Sir! You're the man! :)


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