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If you want a local version of Odesk and you're a Filipino then this is for you.

Have you found yourself looking for ways to make money online? Aside from the normal things you already know like Google Adsense, writing articles in sites that will pay you based on views and trying out the click to pay stuff (there are some honest and legit, trust me), I think you should offer your special skills (where you are good at) to someone who needs customized output/result/product. I'm not being told to promote or write about the site that lets you utilize their service where negotiation and communication between seller and buyer take place. That site is no other than One of the owners of it is a person whom I am really looking up to. He is Fitz Villafuerte. I know some of you already know him as his blog is one of the well-known top 10/100 in Finance blogs.

The idea of selling and providing your services to those who in need of it is great esp. when you believe on this: you will never really become successful if your focus is to be "Jack of all trades" because you will be a "Master of none". Besides, hiring someone, who specialize in something, to do the job is much better than you devastating or producing low quality work. Embrace the word outsourcing and don't do everything on your own. No man is an island. Also, I want to share this awesome quotation that would really make you think and realize,

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!" ~ African Proverb
Don't just dream of getting the work done or receiving the reward as early as you can because that kind of thinking or mentality is just temporary. Instead, think of how to build relationship with other people to form a team and trust. In that way, it will not only both of your dreams will come true but you will go really far as the foundation is strong.

I will be honest to you I haven't tried the 199Jobs yet but in the coming months, I will. It's like Odesk that caters the same kind of service. The only difference is it is specifically designed for Filipinos and I know you're wondering what's 199 in its domain name. That is the amount/price per task that buyer should pay the seller. Before I forget, the currency is Philippine Peso.

I hope you learn something here and enjoy reading this post. Feel free to leave comments below.


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