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What Requirements Should You Consider When Starting A Blog?

A close friend of mine and a college classmate provided me the following questions when starting a blog. I had a chat with her in Google Hangout. We talked about our blog and how we could make it better and attract more traffic. As we went on, she provided me list of things to consider when starting a blog . If you answer them with ease, then you have a clear goal in mind on what niche and plan you should take. 1. Why you're excited about your blog?  If you're excited and eager to share what you know through blogging, despite the situation you may face, whether you have a bad or awesome day, still you'll write. Maybe you have something unique and useful to say that you want the world knows.

What You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing?

You've been heard it already and that's why I will share what I discovered from one blog entry of Rambo Ruiz entitled  What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From It . If you want to go ahead, then click and read his stuff as what you will read here is just a reflection of his post. I only added my words and insights on it. Basically, if you're already accustomed to the commission basis, then that's what affiliate marketing is. You promote and let other people know about someone's products/services. If by chance, your reader likes what you write, there's a possibility that he/she will click on the link you inserted in your post or article. And if he buys the product, you'll get a commission in return.

Take Advantage of Site

If you want a local version of Odesk and you're a Filipino then this is for you. Have you found yourself looking for ways to make money online? Aside from the normal things you already know like Google Adsense, writing articles in sites that will pay you based on views and trying out the click to pay stuff (there are some honest and legit, trust me), I think you should offer your special skills (where you are good at) to someone who needs customized output/result/product. I'm not being told to promote or write about the site that lets you utilize their service where negotiation and communication between seller and buyer take place. That site is no other than . One of the owners of it is a person whom I am really looking up to. He is Fitz Villafuerte. I know some of you already know him as his blog is one of the well-known top 10/100 in Finance blogs.