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Money Making Ideas

  • Selling Photos Online (sell your taken pictures)
This kind of job is perfectly fit for you if you are a photographer who's passion is photography. You can sell your unique and beautiful shots, photos or portfolios over the internet. There are many legitimate sites where you can register an account and upload your masterpieces. If you want to try, go ahead and type it in Google or Yahoo. Your hobby would turn into a money making machine.

  • Selling Services Online (freelance your skills or where you are good at)
If you are a freelancer or someone who prefers staying at home and sells services online, then this is the job that suits you. There are numerous, various and legitimate websites which designed for all freelancers and employers. Try Fiverr, Elance, Odesk and 199jobs. I'm sure you may find these sites useful.

  • Blogging
Usually, it is the common thing that people go to. The only question is: are they doing it the right way and earning from it as well? I'm sure the usual answer to this question is no. I confess I'm having a hard time to earn money from blogging. That's why I keep pushing myself to learn more and improve my craft. I hope you are doing the same too.

  • Write Reviews
Since I love reading and discovering new and other ideas, I read from one article that there are sites designed to cater this kind of service. You will write product or website reviews whether it's positive or negative for as long as you say what your five senses really experienced after using it (in other words, in an honest possible way).

  • Build Websites
If you have knowledge in building a website and you are good at it, then you have a possibility of making money online. You can post your skills in your own website and start looking for prospect customers or clients who have a business to promote. You may post it on all social media sites that you have an account and don't just limit on offline promotion. You may also put your credentials in the above-mentioned freelancing sites (see Selling Services Online above).

  • Buy and Sell Products
Have you heard Amazon, eBay and Clickbank already? If you do, then these are the sites you should consider joining. You can earn by being a seller or affiliate. Being a seller requires you to have a physical or digital products that you want others to promote for you. Whenever you make a sale, they earn commissions in return and that's a win-win situation to both of you. As for the affiliate, there is an agreed percentage of how much you can earn per sale. And that's how this system works. It doesn't matter which role you would play since you will still get paid.

  • Poetry Writing
I don't know if there's a site that supports and pays for doing this job. But I'm sure somewhere out there, there is someone who is willing to pay money if you can write good poems. We all know how outsourcing can make our lives easier and better. People let professionals, experts or those who have enough experiences to do the job and pay them money in exchange of their services. That's what I'm referring to. Don't force yourself to do the job if you are not good at it because it will only lead to low quality work. That's why we have this quote, "No man is an island".

  • Teach Something You Are Great At
I recently met someone, a great adviser and friend of mine, who conducts a seminar offline. He is looking for a specific number of people, who are willing to pay money (to learn new things) and ensure that his participants get what they pay for.

  • Typing Service
I am not underestimating this job but people who have many things or businesses to attend to and prefer spending a large portion of their time in things they consider important, outsource some tasks to people who are looking for one. If you type fast and you are currently looking for work (whatever it is), then try typing service. You may post a sign at the front of your house to let other people know that you are accepting a typing service or search and bid for one in freelancing sites.

These are some of the money making ideas which you may try at home. I tried my best to explain it in my words (the way I understand it) so you can follow and get ideas about it.

Anyway, I hope you find this article useful. If yes, please share it with others and leave your thoughts below. I'll appreciate it and take everything you will say as a learning opportunity. Thank you.


  1. I really like this post, and i have just started a book, where i write about something i'm good at. :)

    1. Hi Casper,

      Thank you for leaving your comment here and letting me know that you are writing a book. Actually, that's also my plan. I am planning to compile all the great posts I have from my other blog and give it for free. :)

  2. i think your blog very informative, thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate your visit and I'm thankful for leaving a comment here. Keep reading my friend. :)

  3. I've said it before but I really like the articles you put up on here. Another great one Jethro :3 Keep it up!

    1. Hey Lexie! Thank you for giving me a nice comment as well as compliment here. I hope to read and see your blog. Let me know if you have one. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome my friend. I realize that I need to update this blog of mine and start posting new posts again. :)

  5. Replies
    1. I'm glad that you like this one. If you don't mind, which among the listed money making ideas above you think you can do and love to try?

      I hope to hear your short responses on this. Thanks Kim! :)


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