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Are You Selling Digital Stuff Online?

Take advantage of this new site, Sellfy

I know you're wondering what happened to me after Christmas and New Year as I'm not writing any blog post. So, here I am sharing with you a great site to make money online.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to this site which I got to know after reading one of the articles written by someone in Squidoo. The name of the site is Sellfy. It allows you to create an account and sell your digital stuff (files such as ebook, audio, video, programs) to earn cash from it. Of course, you should only sell things which you own or you have rights to. You may set the price of your item and ensure that it is below 2Mb (Megabytes) in size. Also, I will tell you in advance so you won't get surprised in the end as Sellfy will get 5% cut for every sales you make in exchange of using their site and service.

Don't go there with a thinking of earning money over night. If you want to make a living out of it, you should take in mind the following things:
  • You should have a great and outstanding product
  • Learn to market it using available resources you have (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like)
  • Make a blog or website to promote it
  • And other things which you know that I do not know. =P
I recently explore the site and found out that it offers the same kind of feature you can find in Amazon or eBay: allowing you to let other people promote your products. Of course, doing that will reward them a commission based on your set percentage (I haven't tried it but will do in the future) whenever they make a sale.

Don't ask me if I already made money from the site coz the answer is no. I just started last month and haven't gotten serious yet. Using the site will make everything easy from setting up your online shop/store up to getting paid in PayPal. Just be patient and keep doing what you already started.

Will update this post once I made sale/s. Thank you for reading.


I actually made a sale from selling my first book in Sellfy.

That was June of last year (2016). Below is the proof for your reference (I blur some of the information to protect the buyer).

My First Sale From Sellfy
My First Sale!


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