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One Site At A Time

If you're not yet successful in one, why keep adding more.. I don't get it but this attitude or behavior resides in me. The scenario is like this: I register in site that I think has a potential of earning me money. I browse the site, feel and familiarize myself and prior to these, I google if it is legit and not just another scam site. The process repeats again. Whenever there is a new site being introduced on the internet and one of the talk about topics (others call this a shining object), I easily get blinded by the light (it's hard to resist and not get tempted because it's common and part of human nature). So the result is my time gets divided and my success online becomes harder to reach. Anyway, I'm a lensmaster at heart (or writer) in Squidoo , one of the free writing sites where you can earn money by just writing your passion online. Hubpages is the great competitor of the former site and at the time I got to know this, I signed up and created an accou