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Don't Wait For The Perfect Moment, Just Do It

Sorry to write a post that is a little different to the niche of this blog. But I'm hoping you gain something from reading this. Enjoy! This is what I learned in the course of my life. I usually waited for the best and perfect time, before I wet my feet and dive in my head. However, that would be a big mistake since there's no such thing as perfect moment when starting things you really want. I used to think that I should learn first and digest all knowledge about domain name before I get one. Getting a domain involves spending few cash out of your pocket. Since it's a business, you need to invest money for it. Besides, a realization about something struck me. If a certain thing came from your own sweat and money, you will love and take an utmost care of it no matter what compare to when others just gave it to you. In this case: having a domain name, you just have to maximize its use by posting more articles and if by chance you monetize it, hoping to earn from bloggin

Focus On Your Content First Before You Monetize It

Make money online by blogging This is what I made mistake before and I just recently learned that in order to earn from your site or even blog, focus first on producing good and quality content. If you can offer people with useful and interesting information, they will come, stay and subscribe to you. No questions ask, my friend. I will be frank and honest that the reason why I blog in the first place and decided for myself to be visible online is to earn some cash from it. I keep looking for ways on how I can generate money online. I learned and be inspired from the achievements of other successful bloggers around the world. One of the respected bloggers, internet marketers or whatever you want to call them is John Chow . I also have an online buddy who is very good and knows what he's doing, Qasim . And of course, I don't want to leave this one hanging in the air, Gerbie Razon . He is the person whom I know personally, decided to embark and pursue his dreams (work from ho