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You Should Do A Keyword Research

To get a huge amount of web traffic

I know you're itched to make money online and you already have a great idea or content on your belt. However, those things are not enough for you to earn money on the internet because the living proof is me. Right now, I haven't still made enough money that can be en-cashed as check. We all know that Adsense only releases check if we already reached 100 dollars and as of now, I have $11 in my account.

Anyway, the reason why I wrote this blog post is to show you the importance of keyword research. Before, I used to believe that doing this stuff made our writing much longer and our site/s or blog/s could even rank in search engine as long as we have good and interesting content. Keyword research is hard at first but if you take ample time to study and learn the ins of it, I'm sure you will get the hang of it.

I am going to tell you what kind of tool I use when researching keywords. I use Google External Keyword Tool, a free tool offered by Google. I know there are some paid tools out there like Market Samurai or something like that but it doesn't matter whether it is free or paid one, as everything still lies on us and how we use our time. Since, we have been provided free stuff, then why not utilize it and make the best use out of it.

This first task is very important if you still not realize it. We need traffic in the first place. And that traffic I am referring is organic, or searches came from major search engines. This is the scenario that I think everyone has already done many times. Whenever we have questions or queries in mind and we need answers for these, the first thing we do is typing those concerns in Google Search Page, or Yahoo/Bing. Various results will appear and it depends on us which of those sites are good and to our liking. Of course, owners of those websites took huge amount of hardwork just to make their precious sites be shown at top 1 or 2 of search engine result page.
Anyway, if you successfully accomplish and execute this, and you base your content on the researched keywords, I'm 100% sure that you will attract high traffic with less marketing or promoting on your part. But of course, don't underestimate the power of marketing or link building as this is one of the boosters in getting your website well-known.

Before I forget, Google will no longer offer the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to the public as they will change its name to Keyword Planner in the coming months with added features and the like.

Also, before I end this post, I would like to tell you my mistakes in this venture I am currently taking in. If you really want to make money online, don't ever think about it the time you just started. Just continue building up your content on the site until you have enough of those that you can showcase to the world. And then that is the time you can monetize your site. The money will come eventually so don't force them with your way.


  1. Thanks for your nice information

    1. It's my honor to share my knowledge with the world as I learn from others too. :)

  2. I am going to tell you what kind of tool I use when researching keywords. Cheapest Blog Comment

  3. Hi Muhammad Amir,

    You're right! Blog commenting to the similar niche of your site can help you get targeted traffic as well as promote your site or blog. I'm glad that you took time to read and visit my works.

    Thank you.


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