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Content is Still King

Content is Still King
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Who among of you agree on this? I know others will disagree and strongly believe that marketing is what matter most. I already confirmed this with myself and see with my own eyes different success stories of other web people. They write content, articles or blog post with value and to their liking. They give people not just a good stuff but information that everyone will love and find useful.

This is my belief. Both of these are important ingredients in becoming well-known and successful on the internet. I don't set aside the importance of marketing because it can really help a lot in terms of getting a broader scope of audience. Don't underestimate this as it can add up and boost your popularity online.

But let's go back to my supposed to be rating. For me, content is 75% while the rest, 25%, goes to marketing. You have to write the things you really know, and those things should accord to the specific guidelines and align to the standards. It does not matter whether you promote it or not, spider/crawler of different search engines, particularly Google, can find it as long as you apply the interlinking and internet's rules and regulations. Basically, the written content should not be spammy and very thin. If you have knowledge in SEO, avoid doing the black-hat techniques. It could make your site display at number one in search engine results page but would hamper you in the long run. Marketing and promoting will gain you extra and large traffic to your site. Just don't overdo it as Google will consider you spammer if you do. They will block your site and sometimes lock your account.
I know you're wondering why I post this topic which is far from the niche of this blog but it is really related to it. I continuously earn money online because of good and interesting content. I choose topic which is popular and people have interest to (in other words, talk about subject). Just follow the tips mentioned on this and you are good to go.

Don't turn things fast as you go on this journey. Money will come eventually at the time you least expect it. Don't just write because you want to earn money. Write about the things you know with passion, and the desire you dream about will be within your reach. I hope you enjoy this come back post after so many months of not posting. Thanks for reading!


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