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Thinking of Managing My Own Site

I have watched a video recently telling people that if you want to earn real money and you depend on it completely, you should not put all your time and effort in free site because you have no full control over your content. Meaning, they can shut down your works anytime and you don't know what their reasons (behind it) in doing so.

Writing is what I enjoy most and blogging is one of my hobbies. This site (I am using) is basically a free site or blog from Google or Blogger. The only thing I paid for it is the domain name which is my real name. I will be frank to you that I enjoy using Squidoo as well as Blogger but I stop and think for a while after watching the said video.

Now, Squidoo is being strict in already published lenses or articles. Some of my lenses were unpublished due to their new implemented policy. I don't know how to fix them because in the first place they do not point to me the cause of the problem. It's hard for me (and for everyone, I think) to figure it out by myself..
Anyway, I'm still making money from them but there are some thoughts at the back of my head that if I'm serious in making money online, I should have to invest in my own hosting and domain name. I think I already started the half part which is getting a domain name. Getting web hosting will be my next target.

Hope you enjoy reading this post.


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    1. Sure! What kind of site do you want to create? Let me know the details so we can start it now. :)

  2. Hi Jethro,

    Exactly, think of Squidoo for example. I used to make 50+ on monthly basis before there last update and now I make less than a dollar a month. When you start your own blog you have full control of your earnings. But don't sit you expectation to high when you start! You still need websites like Squdioo just to help you when your blog is still new, but when you start to make good money you have to put efforts on it and forget about free sites.

    1. Thanks for this inspiring message! I take it from someone who has already experiences in this kind of stuff. I wish I could do what you are doing now Qasim. You're an inspiration to those who dream of earning money from blogging. :)


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