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You Can Make Money Through PayPal

Do you know that you can make money through your PayPal account ? How is that possible? It's possible if you have a PayPal account and a good website. I haven't actually tried it but some successful bloggers and website owners do try it. They place a PayPal donation button on their site and if the visitors or one of their readers like what is written there, there's a possibility that they will donate a small amount of money in order to see the site going. It's not a requirement and I do not encourage you to use it but if they give willingly, there's nothing wrong about it. Site owners do not force their readers to give instead they are the ones who must provide useful content to them in the first place.

Passive Income in Writing

Image courtesy of pakorn / I know you are intrigued by the title but what I am discussing here is what I actually experienced. I found a site wherein you just write articles and when you leave it for a while will gradually generate you money. The earning is in dollar and based on article views. If your article generate 1000 views, you will earn up to $1.50. I know you are thinking that it is too small but that's what I consider passive income. You earn money even if you leave your articles on their own. And imagine if you have lots of articles on your belt, they earn you money while you sleep. It's like more articles, more money.