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Is Squidoo Worth My Time?

Squidoo is one of my considered sites to earn money online. But there are times when I have thought if Squidoo is worth my time. The fact that I earned there with an amount of $111.27 for my one year and four months being a writer is enough and proved for legitimacy. I just need to put more time and efforts. Other people in Squidoo earn an average of four digit numbers every payouts (monthly) and that's what I want to replicate. I read their lenses/articles and study what patterns they're currently using in the hopes of acquiring some of their techniques.

What Is Sirgo? And How Do I Earn Money From It?

I just want to apologize for not posting at regular basis due to my schedule but here I am again. I just want to give you an idea what Sirgo site is. Sirgo is a writing platform or writing site wherein you write your articles. It's like Squidoo in a way but it's just a new which started late of 2011. I love being a writer there and based on my three earnings I already received more or less $35 from them. It's a passive income to me because even though I wrote articles at first, if I go to vacation and leave it for a while, I still earn money. It's a nice feeling and can boost your confidence upon knowing it.