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Earn Cash From Outgoing Emails

I have something to share with you. It's one of my earning money sites that I am proud to talk about. I just need first to confirm if this service is only offered and available to the Philippines. Anyway, I will tag it just for you whether it is exclusive to us or to everyone else. This service I am talking is no other than EARNmailer . I will explain how this site works. You sign up and create an account. Fill up some of your personal details at profile page. Provide your PayPal email address to get your payouts. And put their provided ad on your email signature regardless if you use Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. This is how you earn: when you successfully integrated their ad on your email signature, you now have the ability to earn money. Just compose an email and send it to your friends. It doesn't matter what your conversation would be. In fact, instead of chatting with them which doesn't pay you, I highly recommend to send emails when communicating with them. Your fri

What Is Squidoo? And How Do I Earn Money From It?

Before I start this entry, I will tell a short introduction about Squidoo. Squidoo is a writing platform (article writing site) which encourages all writers and hobbyists around the world to write and earn money online. Writers get commissions if their written works rank high and get more traffic . As of August 02, 2012, I already received 82.43 dollars  from them. I started being a lensmaster (their term for writer) last May 18, 2011. I enjoyed writing lenses (or articles) and currently I have 47 hanging on my belt. Writing and earning are two different things but they are connected once you master the secrets in marketing. You must write about your passion, things you're interested in and stuff you want to share. If your works received a high traffic and they ranked consistently in Squidoo tier (their ranking system), expect for high payouts.

How To Make Your Purchased Domain Name Active And Live On The Internet?

This post will discuss how to make your purchased domain active and live on web using only your existing or new blog in I decided to try it this way coz I wanna see if this method would work. If it became successful, I would personally inform you and try my luck in getting a web host on my own. I am using a free space from Blogspot right now (or Google's Blogger) to host this site. And you know what, it is free! But if you want to get a full control over your website (such as tweaking your files, uploading audios, videos and others), you must consider buying a web hosting. Anyway, here are steps which I used to make this site active and live on the internet. Please bear with me if my grammar is not perfect.