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How To Buy Your Own Domain Name?

I know this is what you are waiting for! A friend of mine asked me how I bought my domain name. What steps did I take in order to get mine? Anyway, the reason why we need to get a domain name is for us to have credibility and can be trusted by everyone. It is also about creating your brand online. Since we are here to learn, I will ask you this question: Do you want to have a domain just like these popular sites you usually type on your web browser's address bar - , ? I know you do because it's cool to have one. I don't wanna make it long, so here are the steps to follow: #1 Please read this post, Things to Consider Before Buying Your Own Domain Name .  #2  After you're done reading it, refer to all images below and follow instructions written there. (We're using godaddy on this article as the site to purchase our domain name. There are many sites out there offering the same service but this one is what I think the best f

3 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Own Domain Name

Have you thought about buying your own domain name to replace your free one? If you do and decided to purchase a domain, then here are the things you need to consider: Think what domain name you want and search it on Google search engine if it is still available. Of course, it should be related to your existing site or blog you wanna change the domain name (for example, to, or if you prefer starting from nothing, seeing that domain for the very first time should tell everything about the site. There are many options to choose from how long you are going to use that domain (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc) with a corresponding amount up to the top level-domain names you want such as .com, .net, .biz among others. Make a smart use of your domain after buying it through regular posting of entries on your blog or content on your website.

PayPal: A Must Have Account For Your Online Business

Before signing up to the previous money making sites I recommend, you must setup a PayPal account. (I consider it as one of the ways to get money now) If you're still thinking and hesitant about it, then here's my question: How will you get the money they will pay you in the first place? The answer is get a Paypal account. I use PayPal as a payment processor to get my payment from my online businesses and transactions. It's like a bank account which resides online. The default currency is in dollars but you can change it to your local currency anytime you want. The good thing about having PayPal is you can use it as payment method in buying products and services over the internet. You don't need to expose your credit card number to sites like Amazon, eBay among others though they are all established and trusted. Just link/register your credit card in PayPal (optional) and it serves as your online wallet.

Recommended Sites To Make Money Online

Are you tired of going in and out of work? What I mean is the corporate world? I have experienced it a lot of times and because of that, I started looking for sites where I can make money online. We may call them anything we want such as money making sites, online part time jobs, home based jobs, sidelines among others. Anyway, you will find here some of the tried and tested websites that really pay its members. Of course, in order to get paid, you must provide your services to them and exert your efforts such as writing articles, socializing with friends and promoting products of other people. These are some of the ways on how to earn cash online and there are more which I will discuss on this site. I know you're excited coz I can feel your energy. So here's my list of earning money sites. Enjoy!