Privacy Policy

How it affects you

This Privacy Policy is meant to give you, the customer, an idea of how the information you provide will be used, disseminated, and utilized. This information extends to what will be needed to conduct online transactions and payments as well as necessary information you will need to complete requested articles and social media promotion.

What Information Will Be Asked Of You?

You, the user, will be able to browse and comment on this website anonymously. However, in order to request articles or conduct transactions, it will be necessary for you, the user, to provide a means of contact, such as an e-mail address. If we conduct transactions via PayPal or services such as PayPal, we will have access to all publicly available information on your PayPal account.

Before any article is provided for your website, it will be necessary to obtain necessary information regarding your website and its content.

What Will I Do With This Information?

The information collected will be used primarily to render service ordered – producing articles for your websites, and finding the best ways to promote your website to other internet users. As such, a convenient way of contacting will be required, and an inner understanding of your website may be necessary.

The information you provide will also be needed in order to process payment and ensure a clear line of communication should you wish to negotiate or relay your concerns, and vice-versa.

Where Will This Information Go?

This information will remain strictly confidential – not to be given away to third-party clients. Without your explicit consent, we will also not be using your information to conduct promotional or networking notifications. The knowledge of your requested transactions will remain confidential between us, the two parties involved.

Changes to this Privacy Policy, Terms and Agreements

This website reserves the right to update the privacy policy any time – users are encouraged to check the privacy policy page every so often. The date when this privacy policy was last updated will be edited accordingly below.

By browsing this website and choosing to contact us, you are choosing to accept the terms of this privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you may do so by contacting us.

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