Me wearing a black shirt.
My name is Jethro Sas, a filipino guy, and I consider myself a web marketer, hobbyist and blogger who knows (in my own little way) what works online. I also call myself a content writer and publisher as long as it has something to do with making money online.

Currently, I am 28 years old and my hobby for blogging started way back 2008. My friends influenced me to create a free account in blogger and put my thoughts there. Obviously, you know it is a personal blog then, and the most widely taken niche around the world.

Four years had been passed and in 2012, I realized what worked and what did not. I decided to buy a domain name (which is this one) and became serious about it. This time I prefer one and specific niche to talk about, "learn to earn money online". I just renewed this for another 5 more years last July 24, 2016 and promised to myself that I will post one - two entry(ies) per week. Hope I fulfill that goal.

History repeats itself because I left my job last March 31, 2017 to pursue my passion in writing and blogging. I have many plans to do and freelancing is one of them. This time I am serious and I have a big emotional why. Venturing out in Forex Trading is in my list too.

Before I end this, I will leave you this one thought: If you're serious to be financially free, you need not to depend only on one source of income. Learn how to use your time wisely whether you have a full time job or none. Work during the day and start building your other sidelines/part time jobs/businesses at night.

Me taking my rest after a long hiking.