JethroSas is independent and privately owned for business of which products and services are worked by Jethro Sas, a Filipino citizen whose profession involves writing and web promoting for clients. JethroSas, as a business unit, is not limited to its country of origin, the Republic of the Philippines, but also elsewhere in the world to where the internet as a domain for business has reach. JethroSas is a paid service business.

Any products or services availed at JethroSas are agreed upon by both JethroSas and its client or its legal representative(s) of which written outputs or services are also agreed upon by both parties. To ensure the quality of the written output, the client must first assess its quality for approval. Any approved written outputs by the client is deemed an official rendered product and is subsequently charged, or even prior.

Issues regarding JethroSas’ written outputs such as (but not limited to) error, inaccuracy, along with other similar issues are all subject for negotiation and fixing.

Views expressed for every written output coming from JethroSas are a reflection of his knowledge on the topic at hand, personal insights, and productive research from many credible sources, namely the internet and other forms of references such as books. All written outputs agreed upon by both parties are exclusively of the client’s of which JethroSas as a business unit will not hold future claim.

Due to the complexity of promoting products or services on the internet as part of JethroSas’ own service, the business unit that is JethroSas is not hold responsible to the extent that its service may hold, be it good or bad, so long as proper service is rendered to the client. JethroSas web promotion services are only limited to the methods it has stated. Any additional means to have its service rendered for its client is subject for negotiation and future changes.

Laws deemed appropriate to the extent of business may also apply.

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