Five Basic Things a New Investor Should Know About the Stock Market

There are some important things a person should know about stock market investing before they make a financial commitment. It’s important for them to know about the potential risks as well as rewards.

People who want to invest should have a good understanding of the process involved with buying and selling an investment in the primary as well as secondary marketplaces and more.

1. Owning Stock

When a person purchases a share of stock, they are a part owner of the company.

Should the purchased stock be publicly traded, there is going to be numerous shareholders for it at any time. The amount of the (more…)

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COL Seminar Schedule in Makati

I’m a COL account holder for more than 2 years and it’s absurd that I still have so many things I do not know and need to learn.

Some of us conclude that people who are in the industry for many years and do invest in the stock market already knew all ins and outs. But you’re all wrong.

Don’t be satisfied by the things you already knew. Why? Because chances are you missed certain things or other people have something new to offer that will benefit you.

Just like what happened to me after I attended 2 free seminars of COL in Makati (more…)

Don’t Work For Money, Make Money Works For You

I know you are thinking that it is easier said than done and only those rich who have lots of money can do this because they have money to invest. But don’t put it that way and declared your future already as I will share with you, my thoughts on this.

If you are an employee just like me, then you may start there. The moment you receive your salary, set aside at least 10% of it (or if it is not possible, below of my suggested percentage will do) before you spend/wipeout it all. Then the remaining money, you can use (more…)

Capital or Price Appreciation

Since I already discussed the first way of earning from Stock Market, in this post you will learn the second one. It is called “Capital or Price Appreciation”.

Traders, not investors, know this very well. They buy shares at a lower price of a certain company and once it went high, they will sell it immediately. That’s how they gain or profit from stock trading.

Imagine, you bought 100 shares of ABC company (a fictional company) at 5 pesos per share. That sums up to 500 pesos for the overall 100 shares. And then after an hour, the price per share goes up (more…)

A Valuable Lesson I Learned From My Younger Sister

First of all, I don’t intend to prolong this post so I will tell you a lesson which I learned from my younger sister. And that is the consistency of stock investing.

I would like to tell you that I was the one who influenced her to invest her money in the stock market due to the possibility of earning profits is high. But you know what, if you ask me how much money she has there compared to mine, she has already exceeded what I already invested. Why? Because I did not place my money there in a monthly basis and (more…)

Investing in Stock Market is Not a Sprint, It is a Marathon

I always read this advice from other guru or financial planners that in order to benefit and gain returns from stocks, we should finish the race no matter what. It’s not an issue whether you start fast or slow, as long as you reach the finish line.

I met a lot of people who do invest their hard-earned money just like what they do in their savings. Remember, when you let your money in the stock market, be ready that it might be wiped out or lost completely. Because, this kind of investment is a lot riskier than these investment vehicles: time (more…)

2 Ways to Earn in the Stock Market

There are 2 ways to earn in the stock market which I will introduce you to. First is dividends (either cash or stock dividends) and the second is profits (Capital Appreciation) which you will gain once you sold your shares. Let me elaborate and explain this more. Dividends are basically the surplus money that the company gets (profits) and because of that, they distribute it to their shareholders/stockholders based on the number of shares they have. Just like what happened to me last week. LRI (Lafarge, a cement company) paid me 750 pesos (less 75 because of 10% tax so I only (more…)

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