3 Payment Processors For Freelancers

I had experiences in freelancing and I know your number 1 question is how you get your payment from your clients.

My Top 3 Payment Processors

Below are 3 Payment Processors that I recommend to use:

I use PayPal as my online wallet when doing transactions online. I can use it to pay for goods I buy online, send money to other PayPal users and accept money from clients and other people.

As for Skrill, I recently use it since one of the sites I use stops using PayPal. My experience with them is good so far. I used their sending and (more…)

You Can Make Money Through PayPal

Do you know that you can make money through your PayPal account? How is that possible? It’s possible if you have a PayPal account and a good website.

I haven’t actually tried it but some successful bloggers and website owners do try it. They place a PayPal donation button on their site and if the visitors or one of their readers like what is written there, there’s a possibility that they will donate a small amount of money in order to see the site going.

It’s not a requirement and I do not encourage you to use it but if they give willingly, (more…)

PayPal For Your Online Business

Before signing up to the previous money making sites I recommend, you must setup an account with PayPal for your online business (I consider it as one of the ways to get money from your clients and websites that do pay).

If you’re still thinking and hesitant about it, then here’s my question: How will you get the money they will pay you in the first place? The answer is create a Paypal account.

I use PayPal as a payment processor to get my payment from my online businesses and transactions. It’s like a bank account which resides online. The default currency is (more…)

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