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You Should Have Your Own Business Card

Others call it calling card but whatever you call it, you should have this with you esp. if you have a business.

If you love meeting like-minded people, you should have your own business card because chances are those people you meet will give you theirs and ask you one.

I used to frustrate and got disappointed on myself whenever that thing happened in the past because you know, that is the best chance to promote who you are and what you do.

People you meet in seminars, events or workshops might be your future business partners, clients, and customers. The same also to (more…)

The Power of Word of Mouth

Do you have a business? Whether it’s online or not, you can tap and use the power of “word of mouth”.

Others refer it as the referral. If they find out that your business offers and serves great products, then they have no choice but to share their experience with their family and friends.

And because of that, those friends of them will do the same like a viral video or post that you cannot stop once it’s spread out.

The effect is the same whether you serve best and give your 100% or you provide worst and bad experience to them. You can (more…)

Don’t Let Facebook Rob Your Time

If you’re a blogger or internet marketer, I know Facebook is one of the sites you use for marketing and promoting your stuff. It’s not only limited to blog post or article, but anything you want to promote online. Regardless if you do this on your profile page, group page or fan page.

I use Facebook to share my new content with my friends. However, I usually found myself scrolling down my timeline and checking what my friends were sharing. I unconsciously wasted a lot of time and my true purpose has been set aside. And then in the end, hours have (more…)

Increase Your Exposure By Creating Lots of Videos

I just want to share with you what I learned from people like John Chow and Pat Flynn about exposing yourself to a lot of people or their targeted audience. They create useful videos to their readers which help them to solve their problem. Also, what’s important about their short videos is they are not afraid to the camera (meaning they’re open to the idea of showing their face in front of a camera).

I decided to create my own video tutorials which show what I do online (to make money over the internet). What made me a little bit disadvantage from (more…)

If You Want to be Heard, Make a Noise

This is one of the things I learned along my blogging journey. If you’re planning to make your blog be known and a word of mouth of people, then a simple tip I can give you is this: make a noise about it. In that way, people will pay attention to you if what you can offer has a sense. Because, if you just write and keep quiet (hoping for them to come and discover what you have), then I can say right of this moment, you’ll be getting zero audience. Why do I say this? Did you know that there (more…)

Use Your Blog for Marketing Affiliate Programs

Do you love blogging? If you do, I’m sure you have lots of blog esp. when you’re just using a free service/hosted like,,, just to name a few. However, if you’re a type of person who uses blog as the deposit or storage of your day-to-day experiences or happenings, then that would be a good start. Feel the hang of it and make yourself familiar with all the stuff before deciding to become a serious blogger.

Anyway, the reason why I write this post is to share with you that you can promote a product which is inclined to (more…)

How Do I Drive Traffic To My Blog?

Below are the steps I do whenever I need traffic to my blog:

  • After I publish a new content, I promote it in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • I utilize the power of a blog commenting by leaving a useful comment on popular, authority and similar blogs. I ensure that I leave valuable inputs to the original post. Remember that don’t just comment for the purpose of making a backlink to your site.
  • I also promote it in communities at G+ and Facebook that have same niche as mine.
  • On the other hand, I do a search in Twitter if there are tweets related to (more…)

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