Don’t Stick Only In One Source Of Income

Have you already came up with this thought? What it does mean is if you have a 9 to 5 work, don’t stop there. Look for other sources of income like part time and sideline jobs.

In my experience, I’m not settled and contented with only one job because I know it’s not enough. Besides, there’s no guarantee in life, anytime it can be taken away from you if unexpected things occur like downsizing.

Look for Other Sources of Income

Just before I resigned at work (September 2012), I already have another source of income and that is cellphone, gaming and internet cards. I (more…)

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Task Alfa 1800

New Business That I Want to Start

I am thinking of buying a new high-powered printer to enhance our current printing business. We actually owned a Canon printer which we utilize for our personal use (but we actually pay every time we use it) and for business purposes. My sister owns it after I recommended to get one so she could have her own other source of income.

The printer I keep an eye out for is Task Alfa 1800 after I did some research online. I also found out that this printer offers what our current printer lacks of. The amount of money that I need to have is (more…)

3 Payment Processors For Freelancers

I had experiences in freelancing and I know your number 1 question is how you get your payment from your clients.

My Top 3 Payment Processors

Below are 3 Payment Processors that I recommend to use:

I use PayPal as my online wallet when doing transactions online. I can use it to pay for goods I buy online, send money to other PayPal users and accept money from clients and other people.

As for Skrill, I recently use it since one of the sites I use stops using PayPal. My experience with them is good so far. I used their sending and (more…)

Actions Always Win: Do It Now!

Sometimes doing a thing is better than saying what things you need to do.

You talk about this and that but the problem is it usually ends there. You do not start anything or implement what you are intended to do.

Actions Always Win Over Words

Actions beat words esp. in starting or managing a business. But I’m not saying that words are not important. It should work hand in hand with actions. But only words will leave you unproductive and people will start considering you as a man of just only words.

If you have something in mind that you badly want to materialize, (more…)

Don’t Look Outside, Look Inside

I learned that if you’re planning and looking on what kind of business to start in, then don’t look outside and be hard on yourself, but look inside.

What I mean by this is don’t imitate what others are doing just because that business is in or is doing well because chances are it will not work to you or you lose interest on it as time goes by.

Look at your skill sets and choose one among those that you really love doing and profitable. Meaning even if you’re not being paid to do it, you wake up every day and do (more…)

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You Should Have Your Own Business Card

Others call it calling card but whatever you call it, you should have this with you esp. if you have a business.

If you love meeting like-minded people, you should have your own business card because chances are those people you meet will give you theirs and ask you one.

I used to frustrate and got disappointed on myself whenever that thing happened in the past because you know, that is the best chance to promote who you are and what you do.

People you meet in seminars, events or workshops might be your future business partners, clients, and customers. The same also to (more…)

The Power of Word of Mouth

Do you have a business? Whether it’s online or not, you can tap and use the power of “word of mouth”.

Others refer it as the referral. If they find out that your business offers and serves great products, then they have no choice but to share their experience with their family and friends.

And because of that, those friends of them will do the same like a viral video or post that you cannot stop once it’s spread out.

The effect is the same whether you serve best and give your 100% or you provide worst and bad experience to them. You can (more…)

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