You Should Do A Keyword Research

To get a huge amount of web traffic

I know you’re itched to make money online and you already have a great idea or content on your belt. However, those things are not enough for you to earn money on the internet because the living proof is me. Right now, I haven’t still made enough money that can be en-cashed as check. We all know that Adsense only releases check if we already reached 100 dollars and as of now, I have $11 in my account.

Anyway, the reason why I wrote this blog post is to show you the importance of keyword (more…)

How to Earn Money on the Internet?

Can you really make money online?

I always read this whenever I search this phrase in Google Search. I’m in the near of desperation if we can really make money at home.

Before, I used to believe that there’s no way we can earn money on the internet as we’re not trained to it. We were raised (actually, it’s happening up to this generation) by believing that after we’re through with college, we are expected to look for work and become this as our number one source of income. It entails leaving from home every weekdays.

But somewhere along the road, I was introduced (more…)

Content is Still King

Content is Still King
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Who among of you agree on this? I know others will disagree and strongly believe that marketing is what matter most. I already confirmed this with myself and see with my own eyes different success stories of other web people. They write content, articles or blog post with value and to their liking. They give people not just a good stuff but information that everyone will love and find useful.

This is my belief. Both of these are important ingredients in becoming well-known and successful on the internet. I don’t set aside the importance of marketing because (more…)

Thinking of Managing My Own Site

I have watched a video recently telling people that if you want to earn real money and you depend on it completely, you should not put all your time and effort in free site because you have no full control over your content. Meaning, they can shut down your works anytime and you don’t know what their reasons (behind it) in doing so.

Writing is what I enjoy most and blogging is one of my hobbies. This site (I am using) is basically a free site or blog from Google or Blogger. The only thing I paid for it is the domain name which is (more…)

You Can Make Money Through PayPal

Do you know that you can make money through your PayPal account? How is that possible? It’s possible if you have a PayPal account and a good website.

I haven’t actually tried it but some successful bloggers and website owners do try it. They place a PayPal donation button on their site and if the visitors or one of their readers like what is written there, there’s a possibility that they will donate a small amount of money in order to see the site going.

It’s not a requirement and I do not encourage you to use it but if they give willingly, (more…)

Passive Income in Writing

Passive Income in Writing
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I know you are intrigued by the title but what I am discussing here is what I actually experienced.

I found a site wherein you just write articles and when you leave it for a while will gradually generate you money. The earning is in dollar and based on article views. If your article generate 1000 views, you will earn up to $1.50.

I know you are thinking that it is too small but that’s what I consider passive income. You earn money even if you leave your articles on their own. And imagine if you have lots of (more…)

Is Squidoo Worth My Time?

Squidoo is one of my considered sites to earn money online. But there are times when I have thought if Squidoo is worth my time.

The fact that I earned there with an amount of $111.27 for my one year and four months being a writer is enough and proved for legitimacy. I just need to put more time and efforts.

Other people in Squidoo earn an average of four digit numbers every payouts (monthly) and that’s what I want to replicate. I read their lenses/articles and study what patterns they’re currently using in the hopes of acquiring some of their techniques.

Anyway, I still do (more…)

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