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If you’re not yet successful in one, why keep adding more..

I don’t get it but this attitude or behavior resides in me. The scenario is like this: I register in site that I think has a potential of earning me money. I browse the site, feel and familiarize myself and prior to these, I google if it is legit and not just another scam site. The process repeats again. Whenever there is a new site being introduced on the internet and one of the talk about topics (others call this a shining object), I easily get blinded by the light (it’s (more…)

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment, Just Do It

Sorry to write a post that is a little different to the niche of this blog. But I’m hoping you gain something from reading this. Enjoy!

This is what I learned in the course of my life. I usually waited for the best and perfect time, before I wet my feet and dive in my head. However, that would be a big mistake since there’s no such thing as perfect moment when starting things you really want.

I used to think that I should learn first and digest all knowledge about domain name before I get one. Getting a domain involves spending few (more…)

Focus On Your Content First Before You Monetize It

Make money online by blogging

This is what I made mistake before and I just recently learned that in order to earn from your site or even blog, focus first on producing good and quality content. If you can offer people with useful and interesting information, they will come, stay and subscribe to you. No questions ask, my friend.

I will be frank and honest that the reason why I blog in the first place and decided for myself to be visible online is to earn some cash from it. I keep looking for ways on how I can generate money online. I (more…)

Practicing the Art of Writing Online

Practicing the Art of Writing Online
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I know some well-known writers or bloggers who continuously earn money online. One of them is John Chow, an asian guy who consistently make money over the internet. He is not just a blogger but internet marketer as well. I envy how he does his stuff hence, I always ended up being in his site, hoping at the back of my mind to learn his secrets.

Anyway, one of the things I keep concentrating on is mastering the art of writing online. I keep on writing whatever my mind thinks of. Of course, I used to write (more…)

This Is How You Promote Your Article or Lens By Wilfred

1. Use of social networking site.

  • Create a Facebook page for your chosen topic
  • Put your Squidoo article as the webpage
  • Ask people to share and like your fanpage
  • Update and always share your page regularly
  • You can also create a Facebook group page for that niche, then add as many as you can

2. Use of social bookmarking sites.

  • One example is StumbleUpon or Pinterest
  • Don’t forget to use your accounts to pin, stumble and review your sites so the ranking will go up
  • You can also add the products in that lens as a wishlist in

3. Posting on Yahoo Answers.

  • Ask questions or related questions using your Yahoo (more…)

Increase Website Traffic Equals Tremendous Wealth

Get targeted or organic traffic to your site

I didn’t know that acquiring huge amount of traffic to your site or blog can lead to tremendous wealth. Of course, these traffic should be targeted or organic and the way to capture them is by having a well-known niche. Every posts you are going to write should undergo keyword research. By the way, what is niche? I’m sure you too are puzzled on this term right now as I was like that before. Niche is basically a self-centered topic or in other words, it talks about specific topic. There are many bloggers out (more…)

It’s Better to Earn a Little Than Nothing

Have an Internet Business Opportunity

Whenever I introduce an internet business opportunity to some of my friends, the first thing they always ask me is how much they could earn after joining. And then after I showed them the money they can make, they back out and told me that they’d better do something else than wasting their time and effort into this. They also tell me that why is it the work you put in is way higher than the payment. On the other hand, when the possible earnings are too high, they will suspect and call it a scam.

But you (more…)

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