Start Investing in Stocks for 1,000 Pesos

Bear & Bull - Stock Market
Bear & Bull – Stock Market

I recently got to know this from Ms. Violeta while attending her webinar.

Because of excitement, I decided to check it for myself by visiting the Official Website of Colfinancial and it is true that you can open an account (COL Starter) with them for just 1,000 pesos.

It is good news esp. for those people who really want to enter and start their investing journey.

Imagine, instead of 5,000 pesos, 1,000 pesos is enough and will make you either an investor or trader.

If you want to know more and want to open an account (more…)

My Failed Monthly Meetups With Friends

Learn from each other
Learn from each other

You will find below my failed monthly meetups with friends. It didn’t get through due to different schedules we have and priorities in life.

However, I would still like to share and am willing to teach everything I know with people whom I think would benefit from it.

Financial Literacy and Money Management are topics we should be aware of and in my opinion, must be taught in schools.

First things first, if you want to learn them instead, be sure to subscribe to this blog as I am going to share everything I know regarding handling (more…)

Listen to Someone Who Already Achieved the Dream You Want

Learn and Be Coachable
Learn and Be Coachable

Even if you are older than him/her. Even if you know more technical stuff than him/her. If he/she already achieved something that you haven’t attained (which you also wanted to reach), then be coachable and drop down your ego. Chances are even if they are simple and naive, their results are extraordinary and not mediocre.

I would like to inform you that I already attended the webinar of Ms. Violeta twice this month (How to Start A Promising Digital Business Even If You Are NOT A Techie Without Leaving Your Job YET). The reason why (more…)

My Farmon Update and My 2018 Earnings

First of all, before I show you my latest earnings from the sales of my bought crops (squash and rice), I will update you about the recent changes made by Farmon and some of the terms that we should know as an investor.

Things I recently found out:

Before: You can only register or join through referral and sign up using someone’s referral link.
Now: You can directly register or create an account by accessing their website as long as there is an open cycle. If none, you have to wait for the next buying cycle.

Before: There is no a one-time fee for registration.
Now: (more…)

Create More Pipelines of Cash Flow & Increase Your Assets

Taking another job will not fix the problem. Creating additional pipelines of cash flow is the solution.

Image by InvestmentZen |

While you have a full-time job, the first thing you should prioritize is to build and create more assets that bring passive income to you.

If you read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you can easily get what I mean here.

Instead of collecting things that get cash out of your pocket, you should focus and concentrate on creating more pipelines of cash flow.

These things are the rental property, dividends from the stock market, small businesses operated (more…)

Don’t Easily Believe In What Those So-Called Experts Promise

Never provide your email address to strangers

Those so-called experts are found everywhere. Facebook ads, Google ads, emails and YouTube videos are tools they use to market themselves.

Because of their flowery words and attractive achievements that you also want to achieve, you subscribe to their email list and believe in their claims that what they teach will help and remove you out of poverty/current situation.

One of the things I see wrong in their ways of promoting is this: Some of them wrote an email and concluded that stock investing will help their email subscribers become financially free. Yes, (more…)

Investing in the Stock Market Will Not Replace Your Job

Gold Coins
Remember the chocolate gold coin?

Investing in the stock market will not replace your day or night job. It won’t give you an active income just like what you get from your job. Unless you do stock trading (you have to watch the price movement every now and then which eventually will turn out to be a job that stresses you out) and that’s a different story to discuss.

Some of my friends who recently got to know that I invest in the stock market, ask me how much they would earn if they put their hard-earned money for (more…)

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