Value Whatever Things You Have Right Now

This is my 5th day at work and I am still getting the hang of being a new employee there.

I resigned from my previous work last March 31, 2017, because I wanted to pursue my passion. I wanted to focus on my offline and online businesses. I also pursued freelancing but it seemed that luck is not on my side.

I recently found out that in order to reach whatever you aspire for, you should be getting and earning money just to pay all your bills and sustain your lifestyle. It will be difficult if you are the breadwinner and your family (more…)

Don’t Stick Only In One Source Of Income

Have you already came up with this thought? What it does mean is if you have a 9 to 5 work, don’t stop there. Look for other sources of income like part time and sideline jobs.

In my experience, I’m not settled and contented with only one job because I know it’s not enough. Besides, there’s no guarantee in life, anytime it can be taken away from you if unexpected things occur like downsizing.

Look for Other Sources of Income

Just before I resigned at work (September 2012), I already have another source of income and that is cellphone, gaming and internet cards. I (more…)

Five Basic Things a New Investor Should Know About the Stock Market

There are some important things a person should know about stock market investing before they make a financial commitment. It’s important for them to know about the potential risks as well as rewards.

People who want to invest should have a good understanding of the process involved with buying and selling an investment in the primary as well as secondary marketplaces and more.

1. Owning Stock

When a person purchases a share of stock, they are a part owner of the company.

Should the purchased stock be publicly traded, there is going to be numerous shareholders for it at any time. The amount of the (more…)

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Task Alfa 1800

New Business That I Want to Start

I am thinking of buying a new high-powered printer to enhance our current printing business. We actually owned a Canon printer which we utilize for our personal use (but we actually pay every time we use it) and for business purposes. My sister owns it after I recommended to get one so she could have her own other source of income.

The printer I keep an eye out for is Task Alfa 1800 after I did some research online. I also found out that this printer offers what our current printer lacks of. The amount of money that I need to have is (more…)

Avoid Sticking To Unproductive People

I will advise you to not spend your time with unproductive people. Actually, the thing I am going to share on this blog post can be good or bad.

It depends on where you get influence from. If the influence can help you achieve your goals, then that is good and vice versa if it can only lead you to misfortune.

Anyway, I would like to put here the paragraph I read somewhere. I hope it makes sense to you.

Avoid sticking to people who have hobbies of collecting stuff which are too much expensive. In the end, you’ll be like them through the (more…)

3 Payment Processors For Freelancers

I had experiences in freelancing and I know your number 1 question is how you get your payment from your clients.

My Top 3 Payment Processors

Below are 3 Payment Processors that I recommend to use:

I use PayPal as my online wallet when doing transactions online. I can use it to pay for goods I buy online, send money to other PayPal users and accept money from clients and other people.

As for Skrill, I recently use it since one of the sites I use stops using PayPal. My experience with them is good so far. I used their sending and (more…)

Live In The Now, Live In The Present

Have you ever wondered and found yourself drifting in the past or floating in the future?

If that is always the case, then I’ll tell you that you are wasting your time.

I’m not telling that dreaming about something or remembering the past is bad and not a good thing to do. It is okay to do it sometimes but do not make it a habit.

What important is today, the present. I remember a quotation I heard from Kung Fu Panda movie (part 1):

“You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is (more…)

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