Sell Your Old Things and Earn From Your Stuff

Sell Your Stuff Like Books

Each one of us has things or stuff in our house that we can sell and earn extra money. I know because this is what I do despite that I have a full-time job.

Aside from you earn from selling your old stuff and preloved things, you declutter and leave more spaces at home.

As they say, you can not get more things if your hands are full. In other words, we can not get more things in our house if we don’t have more spaces at all. Let’s apply the give and take principle because that’s how our universe works. You exhale (more…)

Don’t Be a Victim of any Investment Scams

Are you a risk taker when it comes to parking your money into any form of investments?

I always mention here on my blog the nuggets of advice I got from one of my mentors, Chinkee Tan. He always says that we should never invest our money in things we do not fully understand no matter how profitable it may be.

Beware of these companies - April 2018
Beware of these companies – April 2018

Yes, the return is higher but the risk is higher too. If certain people promised you that you will receive more than 20% return every month or in a short period of (more…)

Earn From Farmville-Like Investment

I just recently discovered this investment last year (2017) from a good and business-oriented friend of mine.

If you’re looking for an investment and you want to support our local farmers at the same time help our country progress, then this type of investment is the one you should invest your money in.

If you remember the famous Farmville in Facebook, then the idea is the same.

It’s like you are the one deciding what crops or animals to buy and then let the farmers do the rest.

You will wait for approximately 6-8 months (or it depends) before they harvest all your crops or (more…)

Reasons Why I Still Do Side Hustles

I’m sure you already know what I am thinking. Yes, you’re right! I always say that we should not depend on one source of income: be it your salary, freelancing income or business revenue.

Yes, it is better to have a job where you earn money than nothing. However, you should still consider looking for other sources of income because you’ll never know how long the company you work for needs you. Besides, you are just working for the betterment of them and not to your own products or businesses.

There’s nothing wrong with working for other people as long as you start (more…)

Money is a Good Servant but a Dangerous Master

“Money is a good servant, but a dangerous master.” At the end of the day, we should remember that we control money; money shouldn’t control us.

Money is just a tool so it’s wrong to assume and take this sentence as reality: “Money is the root of all evil”.

Because it will only become good or bad by how people use it. Its primary use is to make our lives more comfortable and prosperous.

I firmly believe that money is a good servant, but a dangerous master.

Why, because if you know how to make them serve you and multiply on their own, then you (more…)

Live Your Life NOW!

Welcome back to me!

After so many months of not posting anything on this blog, finally, I got a chance to write and post a new entry.

Anyway, I found out that life has really an ending and no one can deny it. That’s why after reading and encountering some of these phrases again:

“Life is short and you better make the most out of your life”

“You only have one life and only you can decide how you are going to spend it”

YOLO – You Only Live Once”

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out”

, I started thinking and internalizing on myself.

There is nothing wrong with (more…)

Value Whatever Things You Have Right Now

This is my 5th day at work and I am still getting the hang of being a new employee there.

I resigned from my previous work last March 31, 2017, because I wanted to pursue my passion. I wanted to focus on my offline and online businesses. I also pursued freelancing but it seemed that luck is not on my side.

I recently found out that in order to reach whatever you aspire for, you should be getting and earning money just to pay all your bills and sustain your lifestyle. It will be difficult if you are the breadwinner and your family (more…)

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