Create More Pipelines of Cash Flow & Increase Your Assets

Taking another job will not fix the problem. Creating additional pipelines of cash flow is the solution.

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While you have a full-time job, the first thing you should prioritize is to build and create more assets that bring passive income to you.

If you read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you can easily get what I mean here.

Instead of collecting things that get cash out of your pocket, you should focus and concentrate on creating more pipelines of cash flow.

These things are the rental property, dividends from the stock market, small businesses operated (more…)

Don’t Easily Believe In What Those So-Called Experts Promise

Never provide your email address to strangers

Those so-called experts are found everywhere. Facebook ads, Google ads, emails and YouTube videos are tools they use to market themselves.

Because of their flowery words and attractive achievements that you also want to achieve, you subscribe to their email list and believe in their claims that what they teach will help and remove you out of poverty/current situation.

One of the things I see wrong in their ways of promoting is this: Some of them wrote an email and concluded that stock investing will help their email subscribers become financially free. Yes, (more…)

Investing in the Stock Market Will Not Replace Your Job

Gold Coins
Remember the chocolate gold coin?

Investing in the stock market will not replace your day or night job. It won’t give you an active income just like what you get from your job. Unless you do stock trading (you have to watch the price movement every now and then which eventually will turn out to be a job that stresses you out) and that’s a different story to discuss.

Some of my friends who recently got to know that I invest in the stock market, ask me how much they would earn if they put their hard-earned money for (more…)

Don’t Feel Guilty Whenever You Spend Money

Save first before you spend
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I know some people would feel guilty whenever they spend money on things they want. It’s as if they are hesitant to pull their money out of their pocket/wallet and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Imagine you are still looking for the price of food regardless if you really want it and buy it instead because it is cheap and affordable. Don’t sacrifice your health by consuming unhealthy foods (best example are those microwavable foods found at your nearby convenience store). It’s not only about food but in most cases, on things we (more…)

Don’t Invest Yet If You Don’t Have These Things


It’s wrong if you jump and invest your money in different legitimate investments we have which are available out there such as in Mutual Fund, UITF or even in Philippine Stock Market.

You should start with the right order and settle these stuff before you spend your time and money on different investment vehicles.

First of all, (I assume you have a work or business where you get your salary or income to be used for the things I will discuss here) build your emergency fund which is equivalent to 6 months of your monthly expenses.

Let’s say, your monthly expenses are worth 10,000 (more…)

Sell Your Old Things and Earn From Your Stuff

Sell Your Stuff Like Books

Each one of us has things or stuff in our house that we can sell and earn extra money. I know because this is what I do despite that I have a full-time job.

Aside from you earn from selling your old stuff and preloved things, you declutter and leave more spaces at home.

As they say, you can not get more things if your hands are full. In other words, we can not get more things in our house if we don’t have more spaces at all. Let’s apply the give and take principle because that’s how our universe works. You exhale (more…)

Don’t Be a Victim of any Investment Scams

Are you a risk taker when it comes to parking your money into any form of investments?

I always mention here on my blog the nuggets of advice I got from one of my mentors, Chinkee Tan. He always says that we should never invest our money in things we do not fully understand no matter how profitable it may be.

Beware of these companies - April 2018
Beware of these companies – April 2018

Yes, the return is higher but the risk is higher too. If certain people promised you that you will receive more than 20% return every month or in a short period of (more…)

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