Value Whatever Things You Have Right Now

This is my 5th day at work and I am still getting the hang of being a new employee there.

I resigned from my previous work last March 31, 2017, because I wanted to pursue my passion. I wanted to focus on my offline and online businesses. I also pursued freelancing but it seemed that luck is not on my side.

I recently found out that in order to reach whatever you aspire for, you should be getting and earning money just to pay all your bills and sustain your lifestyle. It will be difficult if you are the breadwinner and your family is depending on you.

There is nothing wrong in having other sources of income as long as you do not neglect your role and responsibilities in your 9-5 job.

That is also recommended for you to save faster in your life journey.

But the problem comes in if you do not know how to manage your money. Allocation or distribution on where your money should go. Learn the simple budgeting faithfully just like where our parents are experts at.

Currently, I’m familiarizing myself about the company I work for and perhaps, after 1-2 month/s, my routine will become easy and normal to me. It seems after that duration, I can do the work even if I’m blindfolded.

If you feel that you are tired of your job or you feel too much stress, then don’t just quit and resign. You just need time to relax or unwind yourself by using your leaves at work to go for a vacation or watch funny movies.

The reason why I am telling you this is because if you resigned and then after so many months of being unemployed and you decided to look for a replacement job, I assure you that you will definitely have a hard time to get hired. We can’t deny that there is a big competition in our country already such as incoming fresh graduates, people who have lots of experiences, and those who enjoy job hopping.

So I advise you to love your job so it will love you back. There are so many people who want to be in your position because they badly need to have a job. Always remember that they wanted to be in your shoes. That’s the lesson you should engrave in your mind.

I hope you find this blog post useful and helpful. Feel free to leave your comment below.



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