Task Alfa 1800

New Business That I Want to Start

I am thinking of buying a new high-powered printer to enhance our current printing business. We actually owned a Canon printer which we utilize for our personal use (but we actually pay every time we use it) and for business purposes. My sister owns it after I recommended to get one so she could have her own other source of income.

The printer I keep an eye out for is Task Alfa 1800 after I did some research online. I also found out that this printer offers what our current printer lacks of. The amount of money that I need to have is more or less ₱37,000.00.

Here is the photo of our current printer (Canon Pixma MP287)

Canon Pixma MP287
Our current printer at home.


And here is the picture of Task Alfa 1800.

Task Alfa 1800
The printer I keep an eye out for.

Basically, this printer can also do 3 things (copying, printing, and scanning) just like what our current printer does. The only difference is it can also handle different paper sizes that our current one cannot do.

Don’t Rely on Your Full-Time Job Only

This is what I learned from the course of my life. If you want to easily reach your goal of becoming rich and abundant, you should build small businesses while having a full-time job. Be ready and prepared for something that could happen. Perhaps the company you are working for decided to downsize to cut costs and the like.

You are at peace and never blame anyone even the company you worked for.

You should either start a business or invest some of your extra money.

I already discussed in some of my blog posts how to make your money work for you through investing in the Philippine Stock Market. Find your passion or where you are good at and think about how you can make money out of that.

I am still in the process of finding where I could place myself. I tried many things esp. the thing that most of the employees are afraid to do: resign from their full-time job. For your information, I already made twice mistakes in my life and I don’t want to repeat it again.

I think I should read the book of Jon Oraña, The Cautious Entrepreneur. Basically, that book teaches aspiring entrepreneurs who are trapped in a corporate world to not resign abruptly. Put up a business first and once that business starts providing you more money which is more than what you earn from your full-time job and it is consistent (6 months to 1 year straight), then that is the right time to leave the corporate world and focus on your business.

I think I will end this post now as I don’t want to talk anything just to prolong this entry.

I hope you enjoy reading my content.



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