Don’t Stick Only In One Source Of Income

Have you already came up with this thought? What it does mean is if you have a 9 to 5 work, don’t stop there. Look for other sources of income like part time and sideline jobs.

In my experience, I’m not settled and contented with only one job because I know it’s not enough. Besides, there’s no guarantee in life, anytime it can be taken away from you if unexpected things occur like downsizing.

Look for Other Sources of Income

Just before I resigned at work (September 2012), I already have another source of income and that is cellphone, gaming and internet cards. I can say that this business is in the networking industry and selling prepaid cards via online is their main product, I only focus on selling loads and the 20 retailer cards to others who also want to start and earn from it. And as of now, my Php 3,988 capital (as a dealer) has been returned to me (ROI) and already earned me a total of Php 7,000.

Imagine, I had an income from my previous work and then I earned from loading, that was a nice feeling. I’m sure there are some like minded people who have more than 2 sidelines. Some of them decided to resign at work and make their sidelines as their primary or full-time jobs.

Wanna know where to find easy money? Try network marketing and find others who are not skeptic and have the same mindset as you. I’m sure you’ll reach your dreams in a shorter period of time. Just ensure that everything is legal, properly documented and operated (not a scam). There are some trusted businesses out there, you just have to do a research before you join in.

Before I end this column, I am an IT graduate. However, my interest is more on business. Some of my friends said that the course I took in contradicts to the one I am doing. But I don’t care because if this is where I become rich, then I will concentrate and put my time in it. Who knows, my name will become popular some day.



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