Avoid Sticking To Unproductive People

I will advise you to not spend your time with unproductive people. Actually, the thing I am going to share on this blog post can be good or bad.

It depends on where you get influence from. If the influence can help you achieve your goals, then that is good and vice versa if it can only lead you to misfortune.

Anyway, I would like to put here the paragraph I read somewhere. I hope it makes sense to you.

Avoid sticking to people who have hobbies of collecting stuff which are too much expensive. In the end, you’ll be like them through the influence or the process.

If you don’t want to get broke, then don’t spend your time with people who spend most of their money in buying expensive stuff that will end up unnecessary in the end.

You’re just collecting useless things that soon you will sell because you urgently need money. Instead of collecting stuff in your house, why not save those money instead and fill up your emergency fund. Soon you will thank me for telling you about this fund.

Learn Your Money Work for You

Be frugal and save every coin you earned and will earn. Live within or below your means. I know it’s your money and you did work for it but the problem is you only worked for it. Why not learn how to make them work for you too. There are ways on how to do that.

Don’t just utilize the active income but learn to take advantage of the passive income.

Anyway, let’s make use of our time wisely. Don’t just trade it for money as it is finite and limited.

Remember to use the power of leverage, my dear friend. And again, never spend your time with unproductive people.

I hope you enjoy reading this new blog post of mine. Have fun!



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