The Power of Word of Mouth

Do you have a business? Whether it’s online or not, you can tap and use the power of “word of mouth”.

Others refer it as the referral. If they find out that your business offers and serves great products, then they have no choice but to share their experience with their family and friends.

And because of that, those friends of them will do the same like a viral video or post that you cannot stop once it’s spread out.

The effect is the same whether you serve best and give your 100% or you provide worst and bad experience to them. You can expect that what you give will get back to you in double, triple or more because that’s how our world works. And the karma keeps coming back to repay your greatness or asks for payment.

Anyway, I just realize a while ago that if you offer a delicious product (since we have a physical store that sells ice candy) and people esp. kids like it, they will go back and buy my ice candy again and again.

If you have a solution to a problem, put it in an eBook or informational product and do your part in promoting and marketing it, people start to see the value of it and how it helps them to solve a specific problem, then they will keep coming back for more.

People love to share with others esp. their loved ones what experience they got after using and trying out your product.

It’s like after they watched a great movie, they can’t help themselves but converse every great part of the story to their officemates, friends, and colleagues.

That’s it. I don’t want to prolong it because I’m sure you already got my point.

I decided to write it since I personally see and experience the power of word of mouth.

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