Ship Your Product with Xend

I know this blog post will discuss a topic that is far or somewhat related to making money online but as long as you make money then I’ll consider it as one.

Anyway, if you have an online store or you use free ones like OLX, ikawna or similar sites and then someone buys or orders your item, then it’s your call whether you meet the buyer personally or just ship it to his/her house or at the place where he/she works.

Of course, you must be alert to whomever you transact with and ask for him/her to deposit the payment first to your preferred bank account/payment merchant, it’s another broad topic and I will not discuss it here. Just an overview.

One great and affordable Shipping Company/Courier when it comes to rate is Xend. Xend is similar to LBC but the only difference is once you place your order, one of their delivery motorcyclists will come at you and get the item. Their rate for the unlipack which is in the form of small plastic similar to A4/long bond paper in size is only 69 pesos for Metro Manila or 109 if the recipient is outside or in provincial areas. Take note you can put unli-items inside the said plastic as long as it gets full and not per weight basis that other shipping companies do.

If you want to do your due diligence, then feel free to do so. Here’s their website Xend Official Website for reference.

By the way, the good news is it has an android app in Playstore that you can install on your smartphone. Not sure with Apple’s Appstore if there’s an app there.

I know you’re wondering what’s in it for you and why I wrote this post. Honestly, if you analyze the core value of this entry, you can get my point. Selling is one of the best skills that entrepreneur should have. Because if you’re afraid of it, then no cash flow/money will come in your pocket. Besides, I know you always execute selling in your everyday life. How to sell yourself to others so they will like you and get their approval.

That’s it! Be an honest seller and sell best quality products. Use Xend to prosper your business to higher heights whether it’s online or offline.

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