Don’t Work For Money, Make Money Works For You

I know you are thinking that it is easier said than done and only those rich who have lots of money can do this because they have money to invest. But don’t put it that way and declared your future already as I will share with you, my thoughts on this.

If you are an employee just like me, then you may start there. The moment you receive your salary, set aside at least 10% of it (or if it is not possible, below of my suggested percentage will do) before you spend/wipeout it all. Then the remaining money, you can use it to pay your bills, buy whatever you want or treat your friends. After so many months, let’s say 6 months, your set aside money is definitely big and you can use it to invest in the following investment vehicles: mutual fund, UITF, stocks (depends on your investment goal and risk appetite).

You can also use it to purchase a piece of land or foreclosed property from the bank such as apartment type houses and so on. But take note that it will require you a huge amount of money (cash on hand) just to participate. But imagine, the passive income it can give you on a monthly basis if you successfully repair, fix and furnish it and then someone decided to rent it. You’ll have a positive cash flow coming in your pocket. I learned that idea after reading a book called “Cashflow Quadrant” of Robert Kiyosaki (and right now, I’m in the middle of finishing his other and very popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“).

There’s nothing wrong with working for money as long as you’ll not limit yourself on that and believe that that is only the way to have money coz I will tell you, money has 2 faces: it can be your ally or it can control your life forever. Learn to utilize it to your advantage by making it work for you. Use the power of businesses, investments and creating jobs to earn money. Also, hire people who are smarter than you and strive to take care of your people. In that way, they will give their best in work and your company will earn more. Meet in the middle by agreeing and serving both sides in a win-win situation and I’m sure they will become loyal to you.

Again, start achieving your goal by taking small steps. It is better than not walking at all in your whole life because you’re afraid and think what other people will think/say to you.

Come on and light up your candle inside.



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