When Salary Increases, Expenses Increase

Why is it that when there is an increase in salary, our expenses increase as well?

This is what I noticed before to myself (I used to be but not anymore) but also to some other people. The time they become regular at work and have a salary increase, their lifestyle change as well. Their expenditures soar up high. If they acted that way, chances are they would become broke. Why I say this is because there will come a time that they already spent the money which they haven’t received yet. How? Through credit cards or having side by side loans (either from banks or friends) just to buy things that they don’t really need (in other words, wants). Anyway, if your goal is to become rich and wealthy, then don’t change the way you spend your money. Stay how you were before even if you get promoted and earn a substantial amount of income. Live a simple life rather than draining up every cent you earn. It’s better to look like an ordinary person but having lots of money in various investments rather than being perceived as rich and wealthy but in reality, zero savings on his/her belt.

As my final words, according to Bo Sanchez, be content with what you have but never with how much you can earn so you can give more to other less fortunate people.

That’s it! I hope you grasp what I want to point out. Live within or below your means while building your wealth. Your future is more important than your temporary happiness today.

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