Everything is Running Out of Time

Are you always in a hurry or are you moving slowly? Which of the two are you?

If you’re always in a rush and your pace is like a lightning up in the sky, chances of making mistakes are high. Why? Because you’re not in focus and you wanted to complete a thing in an instant. What about if you move like you don’t want to break a glass? Being like that will only make you do fewer mistakes in life, however, this has a drawback as well. It might run you out of time and your dreams are not 100% attained.

So what’s the best solution? The answer is simply neutral or in the middle. You act not too quick and not too slow. You don’t want to be left behind by your summer days and end up in a gloomy dark night.

I will now speak straight to the point. While we are young and have enough years in this world, we should learn how to value our hard earned money. We must educate ourselves on how our money should work for us and not the other way around. Maybe in the first, we should work hard but I think while we are on that stage, we should plan out and set aside a portion of our money for our future. Not to spend extravagant and make your money disappear instantly. If you want a certain thing, maybe it can wait and apply the principle of delay gratification. The secret of rich people why they acquire huge wealth is this:


I know it can be difficult for you to follow this at first because we are not accustomed to it but with constant practice, you’ll get used to it. I guess you would say to me that if I do that, what about my obligations like paying bills and the like. It will definitely suffer and the companies behind that will haunt you. Actually, if that happens, it will force/stretch your mind to think of a way on how to increase your cash flow and to look for more sidelines. In that way, this will not just accumulate you more savings but actually increase your income to pay your bills.

That’s it! We should plan everything we want to happen in our lives at the same time we should put those dreams into action or rather turn it into a reality. As they say, if you fail to plan, definitely you plan to fail. Another word of wisdom is if your goals are clear to you and you put them on paper, then you’ve already half-way to reach those dreams.

Thank you for sticking with me up to this far. Have an abundance of wealth, my dear friends.



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