Why This Blog Has My Name

I know you’re wondering why this blog’s domain name is my name. Since my niche or targeted topic is learn to earn money online and blogging tips, why don’t I choose keywords that are related to them such as learntoearnmoneyonline.com or mybloggingtips.com (I’m not claiming or own these domains regardless if those are active or not).

Anyway, my number one reason why I choose my name to be this blog’s domain name is to brand myself. Everything I talk here is all about myself as well as my experiences in life. But I learned somewhere along the way that if I want people to pay attention to me, I should give solutions to their problems and provide value at the same time. In that way, my blog is not just a collection of all my experiences but a compilation of answers to all realistic questions.

Besides, I don’t want other people to buy my name and use it for malicious purposes or anything illegal. I know there are instances wherein we have similar/same name with other people so if you want to be the first to get your name as a domain name, you should check if it is still available and buy it immediately. In my case, Jethro is just a common name but my last/surname is unique which is Sas. So my chance of getting it first back then was higher compare to others. However, if you’re popular and someone decided to buy your name online, you have no choice but to buy your name from him/her at high price (when you decided you want to own what’s yours).

So my main advice here is to grab what’s yours and utilize it for your own benefits. I hope you like what you read. Feel free to leave your comments and share it with your friends. Thank you.



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