2 Seminars You Must Attend When Investing in Stock Market

Before you invest your hard-earned money to Philippine Stock Market, COL Financial offers 2 introduction free seminars about stocks. They teach you what a stock market is all about and what strategy to use.

My brother introduced this to me after I opened an account with the said broker. Actually, those 2 seminars should be attended prior to opening an account to see if investing in stocks is for you. But it’s up to you which you should do first since it’s your choice.

Anyway, I will not prolong it and direct you to what this post is all about in the first place.

The first free seminar is entitled “COL Easy Investment Program: Simple Stock Market Investing“. You will learn there what a stock market is so you’ll become knowledgeable about it. You will also know what advantages it offers compared to other investment vehicles such as savings account, time deposits, mutual funds, just to name a few. But I warn you and always remember that the higher the returns, the higher the risk, and stock market proves to be the second highest-earning investment next to Forex trading. And with proper knowledge on how to invest in the stock market, you’ll minimize the risk and reap profits.

With regards to the second seminar “Investing in the Stock Market Today“, it tackles how we can invest, get inside and participate in Stock Market. They also pinpoint and push through what strategy to use esp. for all newbies. Peso-Cost Averaging is their recommended strategy to use when investing for a long term. They also let us peek on what we can find inside the COL Financial account. The basic things to do when buying or selling stocks of the company you want to invest in. They share with us where we can find useful resources on the site such as video tutorials, reading materials, etc.

Anyway, enough of this talk as I suggest you to attend and avail these 2 free seminars. And after that, that’s where you decide whether this investment is for you or not. Remember to build your financial foundation first before you try stock market (Financial Foundation consists of the following: You must have an emergency fund that will last for 3-6 months serving your basic needs and expenses, zero-debts, have life insurance, short and long-term medical services).

I hope you find this helpful when gathering your research. Share this to your friends to let them know about these free seminars. Thank you.



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