Invest in Philippine Stock Market

First of all, I would suggest you to get an online broker wherein you can do your investing over the internet without going to the real market and execute the buying and selling.

For me, I decided to apply for a CitisecOnline (now, ColFinancial) account for only 5,000 pesos. That 5,000 will be the required opening amount but don’t worry as they will debit it to your online account immediately once verified so you can use it for investing.

The reason why I write this short blog post is to share with you my initial plan where I would want to invest in my hard-earned money. These companies are Ayala Land Inc., SM Prime Holdings, Jollibee and BPI. Unfortunately, only one of them materialized. And that is SM PH (ALI and JFC are now part of my portfolio while my mom bought BPI. By the way, we’re now a joint account after we requested it to change from an individual account).

The reason why I haven’t invested into the three remaining companies is because right now, I’m following Bo Sanchez’s recommendation which can be found in SAM Table. This table shows you where to invest (what companies to invest in), when to buy shares, do nothing, or start selling your stocks. It’s one of the great tools which I find useful.

Feel free to mingle and join with like-minded people. Let’s explore how to make our country a better place to live in and help it to move forward.

I hope you like it.



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