Tips on Starting a Blog

Many people blog for many different reasons; some to leave an expression of themselves based on their daily experiences and insights on things; others used blog to make money or is a part of a growing business, but there are also those who just like to showcase their artistic side via a blog, branding themselves on the process.

Whichever the case may be (which might also be you), know that any good blogger on the internet always starts up by being a novice to blogging. If you are such a case, this article will give you tips on starting a blog and maybe attain any or a combination of the reasons why you should blog.

Useful Tips

The Right Tools
Just like a writer without a pen and paper does not make a writer, a blogger is not a blogger without the right tools to do so. A blogger, in order to blog, must be equipped with the right tools to do the job. First and foremost important, a blogger must have a platform to use. There are many to choose from which varies from being free of use to a paid service, sometimes a combination of both. Blogging platforms commonly appear as a webpage of many functions which anyone can subscribe to. Nothing probably beats WordPress as a number one blogging tool in terms of the number of its users and popularity. As of present, other notable blogging sites to use includes,, and Other factors to consider aside from the platform may be the domain and hosting sites to host your blog.

The Right Theme
To make the reading of your blog more interesting to the readers, make good use of selectable themes from your blogging platform of choice. In comparison to the formerly plain and simple HTML webpages, modern day webpages are more engaging, interactive, and also importantly, more interesting. The same principle should apply to your blog if you are to engage readers on it.

Tweak Your Blog Page
If you are a computer technology savvy, then you probably know that there is more to your blogging platform of choice than it meet the eyes. In addition to the use of a theme in your blog, there are additional functions you can tinker in your blog that gives it functions not common to a default blog page. You can make use of RSS feeds, channels for readers to subscribe to, and even add Google Analytics plugin on it. However, this may take some research to do if you are new to the concept.
The Right Content
You may already have the right tools in order to blog, what you are only lacking now is the blog post itself. You need not have to be a professional at writing before you could attract readers in your blog posts. Some blogs are written in informal fashion yet still attracts a good amount of reader – other factors good, such as the right number of people in the network, sometimes it is just all about the content. Make a content that engages your readers to read more of your blogs and you shall surely generate traffics in your blog page(s).

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