The Power of Twitter Promotion

What would you get from reading this post? Well, if you use social media, chances are you know Twitter. Twitter is a platform where you can post short updates about anything. You will learn its benefits by reading this blog post.

I use Twitter to promote this blog to all my followers and friends (right now, it is 601). Basically, what I do is grab my newly-published post’s link, go to the site and paste it. For the step-by-step procedures, here is the list:

  • First, you should have something to promote like in my case, a link of my new content.
  • Second, if you have a Twitter button installed on your blog and visible in every post, just click on it and proceed to the next step. If none, just copy the link of your content and compose a 140 character post in notepad.
  • Third, go to “” by typing it on Google search engine or on your browser’s address bar. Log into your account then paste your composed message (and the link as well) you did in the previous step. Please take note that you must not exceed with the allowed number of character on your post.
  • Lastly, hit only the “Tweet” button when you’re confident that everything is properly in place.

Just like what I wrote in Facebook Promotion entry, please utilize and try to incorporate the Hashtag as much as possible. It will benefit you more and very useful in your content marketing strategy. Don’t worry for now as I will make a future post on it.

Before I end this, I would like to repeat things that internet marketers should do in their Twitter account. Make one if you still don’t have and start creating a 140 character along with your link. Be concise and clear with your message before you click on “Tweet” button. As my daily reminder, don’t just make your account a link promoting place because people don’t want a robot talking to them.
In my opinion, engagement to your readers/followers is the key in becoming successful online.

I hope you like it. Feel free to distribute it to your friends by clicking on social media buttons below. I will smile like this ^_______^ if you do. Thank you.



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