The Power of StumbleUpon

First of all, what is StumbleUpon?  StumbleUpon is a bookmarking-type site where you can save or bookmark interesting websites for your reference. You can share it to others so they can see if those are worth to visit.

Anyway, what I like about it is when you stumble (or click the ‘stumble’ button) it will show you relevant sites that are aligned to your preference or interest. By clicking ‘like’, you are agreeing to see similar stuff in your future stumble; or ‘dislike’, they will filter or make sure that you don’t see sites like that.

For a change, I would like to show you the importance of it whenever I’m done publishing a new post. I visit the site and log into my account. I add my blog page and in just few seconds, it’s now part of the site that other Stumblers (people who have an account) can see. If they like it, chances are they would click on it and be directed to my new blog page. That’s how I generate and get some traffic from the site and it’s cool.

My advice when using this as part of your internet marketing (promotion) is don’t just add your own pages. You should stumble and like sites that catch your attention and fit to your interest. You don’t want your account get closed by the owner due to violating their rule. As for me, I add the link of my new page and then stumble/like four (4) fantastic websites into my collection. That’s how I execute “the give and take principle”. And I do believe if you help more people in reaching their dreams, you will reach yours as well. That’s how this law works and we can’t escape that.
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