The Power of Facebook Promotion

In this post, I will talk about the importance of using your Facebook Profile in promoting your stuff like articles or blog post. Don’t believe in others’ claims that you can’t promote and utilize it as a promotional tool because the truth is you can really take advantage of it. Anyway, I would like to get across my idea and ways on how I use it in my online strategy on the next paragraph.

Basically what I usually do whenever I’m done publishing my new content in my blog are listed below:

  • Open a new tab/window
  • Type ‘‘ in Google search engine or on your browser’s address bar
  • Log into my account
  • Create a short status/post update
  • And, click on the ‘post’ button.

Before I forget, you should make use the power of hashtag (like #MakeMoneyOnline) which will be discussed in my next post.

Don’t become a pushover to all your friends and become desperate when doing this method as they will see you as unprofessional and chances are they will ignore all your future posts. Be natural and believe that what you do is to share hard to find content. I also advise you not just to post your link and leave immediately once done. You should build relationship and interact with those people who leave comments in your post. Say thank you to those who like it as well because in my opinion, they find your post useful and interesting. Make a habit to ask how their current situation is and wish them a great day ahead. But I remind you that we should not make our Facebook Profile a business-promoting place because there’s a dedicated page for it. And that is Facebook Fanpage. Don’t rush to create one as I have this topic in my list of things for you. I will discuss what its benefits are and why it is a must have arsenal to our blog.
Anyway, I would like to repeat important things to take when promoting your articles or blog post. Open a new tab, type ‘’ either in your preferred search engine or directly on your address bar, log into your account, compose a not salesy/over-promotional message along with the link of your newly created content and hit ‘post’ button once you’re confident that everything is good. That’s it! I hope you will not abuse it and should take things one at a time. Happy promoting!



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