Business Blogging 101

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is dominated by blogs. They are all over the internet. They’ve become gold mines of information because when bloggers write about a variety of topics, countless people love reading them. Marketing specialists saw this opportunity and that’s how business blogging is born.

Business Blogging is an innovative strategy to get more customers online. It’s a good way of promoting your business because it increases your visibility in the internet. Also, you can earn money with it through advertisements.

Business Blog vs. Personal Blog

A personal blog is more like an online diary. People who engage in this kind of blog are those who write their feelings. Their purpose of blogging is to turn every moment of their life into a literary piece. On the other hand, a business blog won’t make you win a literary award. But it can promote your business effectively. Also, instead of telling the world about your feelings, you tell people how they should feel about your business.

Here’s why you should own a business blog:

  • To Increase Your Site’s Visibility

If you have a business blog, your site’s Search Engine Ranks will increase. When your ranks go up, people will more likely find you in the internet. Thus, you’ll generate more leads because you’ll have more visitors.

  • Increase Credibility

Business blogs and sales copies both promote a business. However, business blogs are more believable. If you have a business blog and you have high-quality contents in it, people will see you as an authority, not an aggressive salesman trying to make a sale. And when that happens, your business will become popular because you’ll be their primary source of information.

  • To Make Your Presence Felt

Owning a business blog allows you to interact with your customers. If you have a blog, you can determine your business’s needs by reading people’s comments and suggestions. Also, you can transform doubters into buyers by answering their questions and explaining to them what really your business can offer.

Here’s how to create an effective business blog post:

  • Know Your Audience

You should research about your potential customers. Determine who they are and what they need. Once you already know your audience, tell them that your business will help them and it will provide their needs.

  • Craft a Captivating Headline

Curiosity is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage. Rouse people’s curiosity with an intriguing headline and they will follow your blog. In fact, studies show that 80% of the people focus only on the headline and only 20% of them read the entire post.

  • Write Often

Frequent posting makes your readers enjoy your blog more. If you keep on posting good stuff, more people will share your site to their friends. When that happens, your business will become more popular.

Compared to other marketing techniques such as creating posters and flyers, business blogging is less expensive. It’s also the most powerful method because everyone is in the internet nowadays. Use it wisely and you’ll hasten the growth of your business.

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