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If you’re not yet successful in one, why keep adding more..

I don’t get it but this attitude or behavior resides in me. The scenario is like this: I register in site that I think has a potential of earning me money. I browse the site, feel and familiarize myself and prior to these, I google if it is legit and not just another scam site. The process repeats again. Whenever there is a new site being introduced on the internet and one of the talk about topics (others call this a shining object), I easily get blinded by the light (it’s hard to resist and not get tempted because it’s common and part of human nature). So the result is my time gets divided and my success online becomes harder to reach.

Anyway, I’m a lensmaster at heart (or writer) in Squidoo, one of the free writing sites where you can earn money by just writing your passion online. Hubpages is the great competitor of the former site and at the time I got to know this, I signed up and created an account. I had few hubs (articles) but as time went by, the site unpublished my works due to they were not popular and did not generate enough traffic. As I said, it’s hard to maintain two (2) different sites because it can surely affect the result you want. It’s either one suffers while the other boosts up. Or the worst part is both of them gets drawn.

Let’s not forget Sirgo and Zujava sites, another similar sites just like the two (2) I mentioned above. In Sirgo, I will never forget their generosity they showed to me. I got paid by them because I write many useful pages on their platform. However, after couple of months, they stopped giving me a passive income and my assumption is, maybe they got hit by the recent update of Google, the Hummingbird. Inspite of this, I never leave and stop writing there. Whenever I have extra content that I want to publish, I go to the site and start posting.

Don’t worry if the site where you are writing stops paying you for as long as you build your brand online and gets traffic/views from them, that’s still okay. Zujava on the other hand, copied some of the best things from Squidoo and keeps on adding features that they think are useful to their members and writers. Its CEO and founder is actually a lensmaster. He also confirmed this and proud of it as well. I love the looks of their site but it’s difficult for your leaf/leaves (articles) to get published. They have a very strict filter that monitors your content. You must ensure that you strictly follow their guidelines before you have a live post.

Anyway, any of these sites will definitely pay you money if you are serious about it and continuously invest your time. Don’t just create an account at these four (4) sites simultaneously. Learn to master one and by the time you can say to yourself that you are (of course, your outcome is the proof), then that is the time to venture out to another similar opportunities. I don’t want you to be a “Jack of all trades and master of none” because it will surely frustrate you for not getting what you want or desire. Besides, it gives us self-fulfillment upon completing a specific task and our joy is unimaginable.

I hope you get what I mean here. Remember: one task at a time and make sure you finish it before starting another one. Thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “One Site At A Time

  1. qasim - December 15, 2013

    Hi Jethro,

    I totally agree with you on this one, you should focus on a website to be able to generate the most income, you can try joining 4 websites at the same time and you can even make a little money from each of them at the same time but if you put the same effort and time on one website the outcome would be much better.

  2. Jethro Sas - January 5, 2014

    Thanks for agreeing with me Qasim! I guess I should learn from your site and keep writing useful content that people want to read. I want to be a frequent writer on my blog. 🙂

  3. poly islam - April 29, 2014

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  4. Jethro Sas - May 27, 2014

    I have to check the link you provided here. Thank you! Also, I'm happy that you took time to visit my blog. ^_^

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