3 Tips Before Buying A Domain Name

Have you ever thought about buying a domain name to replace your free one either from blogger.com or wordpress.com? If you do and decided to purchase a domain, then here are 3 tips and things you need to consider:

  • Think what domain name you want and search it on Google search engine, Yahoo and Bing if it is still available. Of course, it should be related to your existing site or blog you wanna change the domain name (for example, jethrosas.blogspot.com or jethrosas.wordpress.com turns to www.jethrosas.com), or if you prefer starting from nothing, seeing that domain for the very first time should tell everything about the site.
  • There are many options to choose from how long you are going to use and retain that domain (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc) with a corresponding amount up to the top level-domain names you want such as .com, .net, .biz among others.
  • Make a smart use of your domain after buying it through regular posting of entries on your blog or content on your website.

That’s it guys!

Get Your Name As Your Domain Name

If you know that your domain is great, buy that domain name quickly. Don’t let others get it first. Because a day will come that someone else already bought your desired domain name. If you are determined to get it, they will ask you to pay for it with a hundred bucks instead of two figures only (usually, 15 dollars or less). Get it while it’s available if you don’t want to regret it later.

There are some people out there who make this domain thing their business. They will buy lots of domain names that they think are great and then they will offer it to others who badly want it for higher prices. I don’t want that thing happens to you.

Also, if you are a celebrity or you are a slightly popular, you’d better get your name as your domain name as soon as possible. Buying a domain name will only take a little portion of your money and that is good for one year.

Stop procrastinating. Act now!



2 thoughts on “3 Tips Before Buying A Domain Name

  1. mohamed samer - July 31, 2012

    and also you should put one thing in your mind before buying it this thing is what you will do with it that will help you .

  2. manlalakbay - July 31, 2012

    I agree with you Samer. You must have a definite picture in your mind about what will you do to make it help you in many ways. It's either you want popularity, a fame, more money or just sharing your thoughts and knowledge to everyone. In the end, everything is up to you. 🙂

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