PayPal For Your Online Business

Before signing up to the previous money making sites I recommend, you must setup an account with PayPal for your online business (I consider it as one of the ways to get money from your clients and websites that do pay).

If you’re still thinking and hesitant about it, then here’s my question: How will you get the money they will pay you in the first place? The answer is create a Paypal account.

I use PayPal as a payment processor to get my payment from my online businesses and transactions. It’s like a bank account which resides online. The default currency is in dollars but you can change it to your local currency anytime you want.

Good Thing About Having PayPal Account

You can use it as payment method in buying products and services over the internet. You don’t need to expose your credit card number to sites like Amazon, eBay among others though they are all established and trusted. Just link/register your credit card in PayPal (optional) and it serves as your online wallet.

For me, PayPal is the most reliable money processor on the internet though there are some great as well. But I will tell you a story. I used other money processor before (better not to reveal its name) and I was not happy with it. Also, the country where I live in seems clueless about it either.

Anyway, there is a drawback in choosing it over the other wallets out there coz not everyone can join in and create an account. Some of the unlucky countries (as of this writing) which PayPal does not support are Bangladesh, India and others. But I will say it again, having one is a must have for your money making ventures.

Since you are a blogger and internet marketer like me, I will personally encourage you to create your PayPal account here.



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