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Are you tired of going in and out of work? What I mean is the corporate world? I have experienced it a lot of times and because of that, I started looking for sites where I can make money online. We may call them anything we want such as money making sites, online part time jobs, home based jobs, sidelines among others.

Anyway, you will find here some of the tried and tested websites that really pay its members. To get paid, you must provide your services to them and exert your efforts such as writing articles, socializing with friends and promoting products of other people. These are some of the ways on how to earn cash online and there are more which I will discuss on this site.

I’m sure you really want to know it the fact that you are here. So here’s my list of earning money sites.


Write Articles in Squidoo, Sirgo, Zujava and others

I’m a writer in all of the above sites but I’m only active in Squidoo, Sirgo and less in Zujava.

Squidoo always pays me every month and the average earnings I get is between 5-20 USD (note: I’m just getting the hang of it so don’t conclude that Squidoo pays low. As they say, effort and hardwork will let you reap the rewards afterwards).

Sirgo pays as well and I got an amount of $1.57 coming from one article. I have a feeling that it has a potential too, the fact that they just started last 2011.
(I don’t know but this site has become idle for the past few months since I haven’t received money from them. Maybe, Google Updates really affected the said site)

And Zujava, they paid me an amount of 0.01 dollars despite I was not active there for a couple of months.

Socializing With Friends And Other People

I know you already know the most visited social networking site on the internet, and that is Facebook. I have an account there and most probably all people around the world have theirs as well.

But what I will tell you here is another social networking site named Matesgate which pays its members while using their site. They will pay you in dollars while doing things you normally do online. Just be active and use the site as much as you like (a Facebook alternative). You will see the result every month.
(Matesgate is no longer an active site. They disappear after getting the trust and invested money of its members)

Be An Affiliate And Promote Other People Products

I’m an Amazon and Clickbank affiliate marketer but to tell you the truth, I haven’t even made a sale from them. But if you have a good marketing skill and you learned the proper techniques on how to sell other people products, chances are you make a big money in affiliate marketing.

I read success stories of other people that it is possible to earn money through affiliate marketing. In fact, if you learn the secrets behind, you may start leaving your current job and make it as your full time job.

I hope you find this blog post useful esp. if your main concern is making money online.



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    I'm glad that my blog gives you inspiration. I will continue writing and sharing good content with the world. I will write topics that interest not just me but also people who continuously look for ways to earn money online.

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    good post

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    Thanks Lara Tomb! I hope to read yours if you have one. Happy New Year! 🙂

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