What Matters is Today

Present is the most important day or perfect moment for us to start a thing. Don't go back to yesterday and wander your thoughts somewhere (daydreaming). The same also to days that are not happening yet (future).

We only live once so make every moment perfect and memorable. If you wanted to start a thing which you don't have a spare time to do back then, now is the right time. There is no correct day, my friend, to begin. It is today that's why it's called present because it's a gift for you to unwrap and discover what's inside.

Don't Be Afraid to Take Risks

I notice that most of the people are afraid to take risks or try new things. Why do you think they stick to the normal ways or things they usually do? My answer can be found below.

Most of my co-employees still stay in my previous employer even though they do not receive what their real worth is (puny salary). Imagine 10-12k a month (would turn to 9-10k, less taxes and contributions). Would you think that amount is enough for their monthly expenses and bills? Maybe, it's enough for people who are frugal or live below their means. But not for me. In my opinion, their efforts have not been compensated enough. They're not just being used and manipulated by the company they work for but their time have been wasted as well.

Do You Blog for Fun or for a Living?

I just want to share with you these statements which I got from an article few days ago:

"Someone who does a thing for fun is different from someone who does the same thing for a living."

"Similarly, there is a critical difference between the person who blogs for fun and the person who blogs professionally."

It hit me and asked myself what did I do for the past 2 years of blogging. I think I'm not serious enough and treat my online business as just my hobby. I guess this is the reason why until now I haven't made my first 100 bucks. But everything has changed after I encountered those statements.

Take Care of Your Greatest Asset

I know right now you get frowned upon reading the title of this post but I will explain it to you what it does mean.

First, let's define what asset is. Asset, in general, is a thing that makes money for you. In other words, these are things you've invested in and built that put money into your pocket.

But as its title says, take care of your greatest asset. The greatest asset I am referring here is none other than you. Since we are the one responsible for generating our money, we should take an utmost care of ourselves.

It Annoys Me to Receive Emails From a Naughty Sender

People rarely give out their emails to someone who offers information that is hard to find. But when they trust the person and balance what they can get from him/her, they will input their personal info immediately.

That's what happened to me when someone I trust and look up to suggested a person who he thinks can help us earn and make more money online. I did some browsing into this someone's site and in an instant, he got my trust because of his Taglish approach and the way he influenced his readers.