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Why Do I Blog?

Anyone can start blogging on any topic or niche he or she wants. But only those who treat it as a business can stay longer. If you are serious about what you do and you want to share your message with the world, blogging is one medium to reach your target customers and readers.

Why do I blog? Basically, I just want to write things that I think are useful to all my readers which is to earn money on the side. If you do it right, you will surely reap the rewards.

That's it. What about you? If you have a blog, what made you start writing? If you are just a reader, does this topic interest you at all?

Thanks and I hope to see you inside!

By the way, would you take time and listen to my original song above? I duet with my sister here. I hope you'll like and enjoy it! More videos of ME here!

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