Watch Success Movies to Inspire and Motivate Yourself

If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, then one thing you should consider is to watch success movies. I became hooked to it recently after I discovered some of these great titles: "The Social Network", "Jobs", "The Secret", "Antitrust", "Pirates of Silicon Valley", "The Billionaire aka. Top Secret", just to name a few.

Aside from collecting and reading books about how to become rich, I make sure I allot time to watching films that inspire me as a person. Those are true to life stories and they really happened.

How Can I Generate that X Amount of Money?

I just want to share with you what I learned from the great books I read as well as financial websites I visit. If you need certain amount of money, ask yourself with this question, "how can I generate that x amount of money?" instead of expressing in words, "I can't afford it.”

Why you should do this is because by asking that question it will help you think ways on how to come up with that amount. You use your mind and it magically shows you what things you must take.

As for using the second action which most of the people do, it will stop you from thinking and looking for ways. It's as if you prefer to stay in your current situation and do not want to go out of your shell.

Forex Trading, Shall I Next You?

I would like to share with you my interest to trade in Foreign Exchange. Foreign Exchange or Forex is not new to me as I already attended some basic introduction seminars before. It's different from Stock Market because it is not dependent to country's economy.

My brother started learning this stuff few months ago and right now he's still in studying phase coz he ensures he understands fully the ins and outs of it. Forex is a lot riskier than Stock Market so we'd better equip ourselves with proper knowledge.

Don't Rush In Achieving Your Dream

Don't rush in achieving your dream because there is no shortcut to that.

I learned that we should be patient in everything we do and take small step at a time. Do things slowly but surely. But don't learn or know everything before you start an action. The important is you made a plan about it and initiated an action.

People are very impatient and wanted to see quick result that's why they easily fell to scams. They wanted to double their investment without doing any kind of work. The reality is we should work hard in the beginning in order to enjoy the rewards in the future. We must also learn how to work smart and not work hard for our entire lives.

Pay the Subscription Fee If You Like the Software

Don't settle for a free or trial one if you benefit from using a specific software.

I just want to share in this post what made me write this content. Yesterday, I published a post about video-capturing program named screencast-o-matic (if you want to read it or you miss it, click this link). This software does a pretty good job from capturing what on your computer screen for 15 minutes up to saving it to the following video file types: avi, mp4, flv, just to name a few.