Tips on Starting a Blog

Many people blog for many different reasons; some to leave an expression of themselves based on their daily experiences and insights on things; others used blog to make money or is a part of a growing business, but there are also those who just like to showcase their artistic side via a blog, branding themselves on the process.

Whichever the case may be (which might also be you), know that any good blogger on the internet always starts up by being a novice to blogging. If you are such a case, this article will give you tips on starting a blog and maybe attain any or a combination of the reasons why you should blog.

Useful Tips

The Right Tools
Just like a writer without a pen and paper does not make a writer, a blogger is not a blogger without the right tools to do so. A blogger, in order to blog, must be equipped with the right tools to do the job. First and foremost important, a blogger must have a platform to use. There are many to choose from which varies from being free of use to a paid service, sometimes a combination of both. Blogging platforms commonly appear as a webpage of many functions which anyone can subscribe to. Nothing probably beats WordPress as a number one blogging tool in terms of the number of its users and popularity. As of present, other notable blogging sites to use includes,, and Other factors to consider aside from the platform may be the domain and hosting sites to host your blog.

The Power of Facebook Promotion

In this post, I will talk about the importance of using your Facebook Profile in promoting your stuff like articles or blog post. Don't believe in others' claims that you can't promote and utilize it as a promotional tool because the truth is you can really take advantage of it. Anyway, I would like to get across my idea and ways on how I use it in my online strategy on the next paragraph.

Basically what I usually do whenever I'm done publishing my new content in my blog are listed below:

Write For A Quality, Not In Quantity

This is what I believe in until now that I should write for a quality and not in quantity. I don't want to suffer the quality of my output content by increasing and hastening my productivity.

What do I mean by this is we should provide useful post to our readers after we're done with proper research and continuous edits. Also, we should write what we are passionate about as it will guarantee us an unlimited resources to be used in writing.

Don't aim for getting a huge number of post because I'm sure you don't want to scare away your visitors with lots of crappy content. Take your time and fill your mind with enough knowledge before you hold a pen and transfer that great idea into a paper or on a blank document of your computer.

The Power of StumbleUpon

First of all, what is StumbleUpon?  StumbleUpon is a bookmarking-type site where you can save or bookmark interesting websites for your reference. You can share it to others so they can see if those are worth to visit.

Anyway, what I like about it is when you stumble (or click the 'stumble' button) it will show you relevant sites that are aligned to your preference or interest. By clicking 'like', you are agreeing to see similar stuff in your future stumble; or 'dislike', they will filter or make sure that you don't see sites like that.

Business Blogging 101

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is dominated by blogs. They are all over the internet. They've become gold mines of information because when bloggers write about a variety of topics, countless people love reading them. Marketing specialists saw this opportunity and that’s how business blogging is born.

Business Blogging is an innovative strategy to get more customers online. It’s a good way of promoting your business because it increases your visibility in the internet. Also, you can earn money with it through advertisements.

Business Blog vs. Personal Blog

A personal blog is more like an online diary. People who engage in this kind of blog are those who write their feelings. Their purpose of blogging is to turn every moment of their life into a literary piece. On the other hand, a business blog won’t make you win a literary award. But it can promote your business effectively. Also, instead of telling the world about your feelings, you tell people how they should feel about your business.