What Requirements Should You Consider When Starting A Blog?

A close friend of mine and a college classmate provided me the following questions when starting a blog.

I had a chat with her in Google Hangout. We talked about our blog and how we could make it better and attract more traffic. As we went on, she provided me list of things to consider when starting a blog. If you answer them with ease, then you have a clear goal in mind on what niche and plan you should take.

1. Why you're excited about your blog? 
If you're excited and eager to share what you know through blogging, despite the situation you may face, whether you have a bad or awesome day, still you'll write. Maybe you have something unique and useful to say that you want the world knows.

What You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing?

You've been heard it already and that's why I will share what I discovered from one blog entry of Rambo Ruiz entitled What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From It. If you want to go ahead, then click and read his stuff as what you will read here is just a reflection of his post. I only added my words and insights on it.

Basically, if you're already accustomed to the commission basis, then that's what affiliate marketing is. You promote and let other people know about someone's products/services. If by chance, your reader likes what you write, there's a possibility that he/she will click on the link you inserted in your post or article. And if he buys the product, you'll get a commission in return.

Take Advantage of 199Jobs.com Site

If you want a local version of Odesk and you're a Filipino then this is for you.

Have you found yourself looking for ways to make money online? Aside from the normal things you already know like Google Adsense, writing articles in sites that will pay you based on views and trying out the click to pay stuff (there are some honest and legit, trust me), I think you should offer your special skills (where you are good at) to someone who needs customized output/result/product. I'm not being told to promote or write about the site that lets you utilize their service where negotiation and communication between seller and buyer take place. That site is no other than 199Jobs.com. One of the owners of it is a person whom I am really looking up to. He is Fitz Villafuerte. I know some of you already know him as his blog fitzvillafuerte.com is one of the well-known top 10/100 in Finance blogs.

Money Making Ideas

  • Selling Photos Online (sell your taken pictures)
This kind of job is perfectly fit for you if you are a photographer who's passion is photography. You can sell your unique and beautiful shots, photos or portfolios over the internet. There are many legitimate sites where you can register an account and upload your masterpieces. If you want to try, go ahead and type it in Google or Yahoo. Your hobby would turn into a money making machine.

  • Selling Services Online (freelance your skills or where you are good at)
If you are a freelancer or someone who prefers staying at home and sells services online, then this is the job that suits you. There are numerous, various and legitimate websites which designed for all freelancers and employers. Try Fiverr, Elance, Odesk and 199jobs. I'm sure you may find these sites useful.

  • Blogging
Usually, it is the common thing that people go to. The only questions are: are they doing it the right way and earning from it as well? I'm sure the usual answers to these questions are no. I confess I'm having a hard time to earn money from blogging. That's why I keep pushing myself to learn more and improve my craft. I hope you are doing the same too.

Learn How To Make Money Online

I'm sure you type this phrase in Google, Yahoo and Bing many times. That's why I list here some of my ways to make money online.

  • Start making blog or a simple site regardless if it's free or not
  • Study what Adsense is all about since it's one of the platforms where you can earn money
  • If you have extra money, you should consider getting a professional domain that is to your preference and liking
  • Write useful, unique and exciting content
  • Promote your work using sites you're already a member of (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • Find another ways to monetize your site like text-link ads (I recommend Infolinks or Kontera as I already tried it)
  • And last but not the least, being affiliate marketer and promote products that are aligned to the niche of your site or blog.

It's not easy to make money online but if you're determined to make it happen, you will do everything. You will try stuff like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and study all aspects of internet marketing. You should easily distinguish the difference of Black from White Hat Techniques, ins and outs of blogging and finding out the niche where you have passion and knowledge about.

Learn And Earn Online

A site dedicated for this

First of all, everyone is looking for knowledge on how to fully equip themselves with skills they needed. They want to improve and enhance themselves with education they think is important.

Anyway, enough of nonsense talk or words as I'm here to discuss this topic: learn and earn online. The reason why I created this blog in the first place is to educate while helping you earn money on the internet. I've already published great content here which you could find useful. If not, I highly encourage you to use the writer side of you to leave your comments. You don't ask, I'm willing to learn from others as well to improve my craft.

Are You Selling Digital Stuff Online?

Take advantage of this new site, Sellfy

I know you're wondering what happened to me after Christmas and New Year as I'm not writing any blog post. So, here I am sharing with you a great site to make money online.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to this site which I got to know after reading one of the articles written by someone in Squidoo. The name of the site is Sellfy. It allows you to create an account and sell your digital stuff (files such as ebook, audio, video, programs) to earn cash from it. Of course, you should only sell things which you own or you have rights to. You may set the price of your item and ensure that it is below 2Mb (Megabytes) in size. Also, I will tell you in advance so you won't get surprised in the end as Sellfy will get 5% cut for every sales you make in exchange of using their site and service.

One Site At A Time

If you're not yet successful in one, why keep adding more..

I don't get it but this attitude or behavior resides in me. The scenario is like this: I register in site that I think has a potential of earning me money. I browse the site, feel and familiarize myself and prior to these, I google if it is legit and not just another scam site. The process repeats again. Whenever there is a new site being introduced on the internet and one of the talk about topics (others call this a shining object), I easily get blinded by the light (it's hard to resist and not get tempted because it's common and part of human nature). So the result is my time gets divided and my success online becomes harder to reach.

Anyway, I'm a lensmaster at heart (or writer) in Squidoo, one of the free writing sites where you can earn money by just writing your passion online. Hubpages is the great competitor of the former site and at the time I got to know this, I signed up and created an account. I had few hubs (articles) but as time went by, the site unpublished my works due to they were not popular and did not generate enough traffic. As I said, it's hard to maintain two (2) different sites because it can surely affect the result you want. It's either one suffers while the other boosts up. Or the worst part is both of them gets drawn.