2 Ways to Earn in the Stock Market

There are 2 ways to earn in the stock market which I will introduce you to. First is dividends and the second is profits which you will gain once you sold your shares.

Let me elaborate and explain this more. Dividends are basically the surplus money that the company gets (profits) and because of that, they distribute it to their shareholders/stockholders based on the number of shares they have. Just like what happened to me last week. LRI (Lafarge, a cement company) paid me 750 pesos (less 75 because of 10% tax so I only get 675) since I have 1500 shares from them. They gave me 0.50 cents per share so if you do the math, 1500 * .50 = 750. That's the wonder of dividends!

Selling is to Help, Not to Hype

Selling and helping are two different words that we should combine together if we are a businessman or woman. This is one thing I learned and made me realized after I stumbled on one of Jay Baer's books, entitled "Youtility". I will be honest with you that I am not familiar with the author and I haven't actually read any of his books. But after I saw and read a couple of free chapters online (from that book), my mind shifted from just making sales to helping people to solve their problems.

Progression Rather Than Perfection

I remember this advice which is given by Mr. Fitz Villafuerte to his blog readers. Whenever there is a thing that you really wanted to pursue, do it now. Don't wait for everything to be perfect because there is no right timing in life. If you badly desired to publish or self-publish a book, then go for it. That's what I actually did. I self-published a collection of my poems (even though it's not 100%) through an independent publisher whom I got to know from a friend.

Make Your Blog a One Stop Shop for Your Readers

Since you already know that I'm also a reader of blogs of other great bloggers, I am here to write a content or an insight about a specific post which John Chow wrote.

I realized and learned from John that we should make our blog a one stop shop.

Just imagine a mall. I know you've already visited and experienced this feeling: wherever you go, everything you need follows you. If you're hungry, there are food stalls and restaurants in there. If you're tired strolling, there are movie houses and cinemas that can entertain you. And a lot more!

What Are Your Thoughts About Money?

Let me know if you have these in your mind:

"Money is the root of all evil."

"Having lots of money makes you greedy in the eyes of other people."

"Rich people are bad and usually deceive others for their own benefit."

And a lot more!

If all of these are stored in your mind, then I will tell you right now, your mind has been poisoned.

Think about this:

If money was not important to you, then why do you spend most of your waking hours trying to earn it?

Money is not the source of all evil but the lack and love of it is.

Money is just a tool, like a gun, which depends on how we use it. If we use it for good, then it is good. If we use it for bad, then it is bad. It's that simple.