Don’t Go With the Flow If You Want to Achieve Your Dreams

I just browse my old notes and this is what I found:

“If you go with the flow, you go with the broke”.

In other words, you do not take risk because you’re afraid of making mistakes or getting failed.

It’s as if you choose to play safe in living your life. You have dreams but something inside your mind stopping you from achieving it.

I also heard these statements from our great minds:

“Tell me who your friends are, and I tell who you are”.

“You are the average of your top 5 friends”.

“Birds of the same feather flock together”.

You Earn Even If You Spend

Spend More, Earn More!

Have you heard this before, you earn money while spending it on things you love. If you haven't heard of it, then you should stay and stick on this blogpost to know why.

If you live in the Philippines and you enjoy shopping in legit stores online like Lazada, Zalora, Food Panda, Agoda, eBay, Ali Express and, then don't waste this opportunity that I am going to reveal.

Go to and create an account. Creating an account is free but you should have an active bank account. That will be used for withdrawing your earned money from your shopback account into your local bank account (be it BPI, BDO, Metrobank and other popular banks). And that's it.

Upon logging in on the said website, you will be shown with a page that lists all online stores wherein you are allowed to do your shopping and earn cashback/rebates in return.

No need to wait for a cab. Get your rented car now!

Uber and Waze are 2 apps that rescue me whenever I’m in trouble

Okay, I’m serious now. Actually, these 2 are working in tandem or hand in hand because they let you travel safely, calmly to the destination you want to go.

I don’t have a data plan on my smartphone (well, I used to but I decided to cancel it for some reason) so what I do is load 99 pesos monthly on my phone. I use it to make the 2 above apps work.

I only use the said apps whenever I’m with my mother because of her body condition and the other one, is when I buy big appliances or stuff that I need to bring at home without experiencing the bad behavior of other taxi drivers. Sometimes, these so-called taxi drivers ask for additional money because of some out of this world reasons. Other try to ask the passenger to point him the direction of where they will go because his reason is he doesn’t know where it is. At worst,  the driver does a negotiation on how much to pay and not use the intended taxi meter. I also don’t want to experience/happen a disrespectful scene again. A choosy taxi driver started the cab and left us without a word (after I told him our destination).

Limit to Only One Credit Card

Welcome back to me coz I got a chance to write a new and fresh entry for you.

Anyway, I realize that I should limit myself to one credit card because currently, I do have three (3) cards under my belt. Getting more than one (1) card is not a good idea due to you may encounter these things along the way:

Pokemon Go Craze

About a month ago, everyone became hooked / addicted to this new smartphone app called Pokemon Go.

I myself decided to try and installed it in my Oppo phone. By the way, the reason why I got interested in it is because I read John Chow's post about it.

Anyway, because of this app, I started doing and discovering things about my phone. That was the beginning of me starting to avail my cellphone network internet data. I used to avoid and ignore these internet data promos before but after I got hooked on this Pokemon stuff, I had no choice but to ask my officemate who is an expert when it comes to internet data promo.