If It Doesn't Work, Try Another

This type of blog post is different from the ones you've already read in this blog. It's like a tip or opinion type of post wherein I express my thoughts and opinion. I hope you'll enjoy this as you continue your reading.

Anyway, what this content is all about is if you try a thing to work many times but you've always met the same result over and over again, I guess you should give up that thing and try another. There's nothing wrong in giving up of what you are doing as still there are different methods to do it. Do not stick in one way but to learn how to be mutable and do other things.

Invest in Philippine Stock Market

First of all, I would suggest you to get a platform wherein you can do your investing online without going to the real market and execute the buying and selling.

For me, I decided to apply for a CitisecOnline account for only 5,000 pesos. That 5,000 will be the required opening amount but don't worry as it will debit to your online account to be used for investing.

Don't Hold Back Your Affiliate Marketing

If you know a product and you believe in it, why don't you promote it in your website or blog. I think that would help your readers in a way.

Buying an informational product is just a normal thing. But the hardest part to do is to apply what it teaches us in the first place. No matter how effective or great the information written in the eBook if you don't put it into action, nothing will happen and change. Also, you will never know if that product would work for you or not if you don't take an initiative to grab it.

How to Make Money From Blogging

In the religion of money-crazed people, “Thou shall not be a writer” is the first commandment.  They say there’s no money in writing. Well in some ways, it’s true. It’s hard to make money as a writer unless you’re J.K. Rowling. But if you really love the craft, don’t lose hope because you can always make money from blogging. So here’s how.

  • Affiliate Marketing – In your blog, you can make money by selling other people’s products. Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate program but it’s not your only option. There are lots of online marketplaces that offer affiliate programs too. If you join their program, you’ll earn a share of their sales every time someone buys their product through your blog. If your readers trust you and you’re an expert on your niche, you can make a lot of money through this.

6 Problems with Affiliate Marketing

These are the problems I see in Affiliate Marketing:

1. Since the main product in Affiliate Marketing is an eBook, everyone has the ability to create their own. Even those who are not expert in a topic can make their own eBook. People whose main language is not English can create their product and sometimes or usually, it's difficult to comprehend despite they provided a fantastic content.

2. Being a publisher in Affiliate Marketing site like ClickBank is just a click of a mouse. Meaning you have a product and you don't know how to market it. Thus, you ended up being a publisher in few minutes and wanted people to help you in promoting it. By doing this, you agreed to give a percentage or commission of your earnings to every sale they made. Take note that this is an autopilot and it doesn't need you to process it manually.